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Olena Korneevets tells the ways to protect the animals

Olena Korneevets said there are many organizations and community groups working to protect wildlife from extinction. Many organizations focus on the protection of endangered animals and the conservation of their native habitats. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, One Tree Plant Safari Ltd., and countless others are committed to protecting our endangered species and conservation of endangered wildlife. You can help by volunteering in one of these places to help protect countless species. Some wild animals are part of the refugees, while other places are hubs for the rescue of these species.
There are other ways to save wildlife by visiting zoos, national parks, animal shelters, and aquariums. Wildlife can also be protected by using the money from tourism, even if it has a negative impact on wildlife. Entire animal and plant communities can be protected by protecting habitats.
Conservationists should take into account the different spatial needs of wildlife when drawing up plans to protect them. They should think about area sizes, different habitat types, and migration routes that wildlife needs.
The term "wild animals" refers not only to wild animals but also to untamed animals, including birds and insects.
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