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While I may never understand the appeal of The Old Man and the Sea, I find Ernest Hemingway's life so interesting! Here are a few rare photos of young Hemingway, from the Huffington Post. 1. Ernest Hemingway at six months with his sister, age two. 2. Grace Hall Hemingway showing Ernest and his sisters, Marcelline and Ursula, the seven-pound pike she has caught. Note that Ernest is dressed as a Native American Indian. 3.The Hemingways arrive in Michigan by car in 1917. Ernest is wearing his high school “letter sweater.” 4. Anson and Adelaide Hemingway, Memorial Day, 1915, outside the boyhood home at 600 N. Kenilworth, Oak Park, Illinois. Anson is proudly wearing his Civil War uniform and medals. 5. Ernest Hemingway with the varsity football team at Oak Park High School. 6. Ernest Hemingway in the class play, Beau Brummel, at Oak Park High School. 7. Ernest Hemingway’s graduation photo and yearbook entry, Oak Park High School, 1917. 8. Ernest Hemingway seated in a Red Cross ambulance, Italy, 1918.
@sophiamor @timeturnerjones He really had the worst personality haha However, I loved how he was portrayed in the film Midnight in Paris, the actor was spot on!
@timeturnerjones He was a classically good looking guy haha but had a horrible attitidue!
@sophiamor Somehow hot or good-looking didn't seem to suit him either.
@sophiamor I am not a fan of the Old Man and the Sea either haha
@timeturnerjones I've never heard him described as a cutie before hahaha
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