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What will happen tomorrow??
eagerly waiting for the next episode.. will kyung joon wake up as himself? will he be together with da ran? what will happen to yoon jae? though gong-yoo is great.. but i really want to see lee min jung and shin won ho together....
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@sarahphang5 i saw the recap.. it was heartbreaking.. i think i'll need to keep a box of tissues with me.. plus i will be able to see it tomorrow.. when it would be uploaded with eng subs.. i am getting more and more impatient.. i wish shin wakes up and remembers da ran n they get back together.. with yoon jae's blessings.. i know that is too optimistic but i have my fingers crossed!!
@neaa. It's quick for you there,I mean the recap for episode16,I'm still waiting to read it. I don't want to expect so much now. I cried when Da Ran confessed to his and her parents that she loves KKJ,it's just so touching. When they met in the end of the preview,I wonder if it's a start for them again. I think it's here with subs on Thursday. Ok,get ready your tissues and be prepared for the unexpected.