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4 Reasons You and Your Friends Should Have a Spa Day
It can be tough to find new things to do with friends. Some friend groups have no trouble just staying in and drinking some wine while they chat, but others prefer getting out and having new experiences together. You might be trying to bond with a new friend or finding activities to do when they're visiting. Spa days are the perfect fit for these occasions, and here are a few reasons why. 1. Bonding Experience Particularly if you're both new to the idea of going to spas, it can be a bonding experience for two friends or a group of friends. You'll have a chance to be pampered together and share a new experience while being able to talk and interact the whole time. Plus, if you're treating your friend to a spa day, they'll forever see you as someone who cares about their wellbeing. Try to find a spa experience that's more than your run-of-the-mill mani-pedi and sauna. Korean bathhouses can often be a unique experience, featuring a rub-down with exfoliating cloths and communal bathing. Or you could find a place that integrates CBD and CBG oil into their massages and diffusers. Whether it makes you laugh or gives you a new favorite way to unwind, experiencing something new together will bond you and your friends for life. 2. Affordable Options One of the toughest parts of finding new activities to do as a group can be the cost component. For two friends a day at the vineyard could be affordable, but adding a few more to the group quickly makes the cost astronomical. Having to be stingy or watch your bank account while out with your friends is a quick way to ruin your day, so it's better to find something that works for everyone's economic needs. Spa days can be a really affordable option since many spas will offer package deals and group coupons. Plus, you can extend the experience yourself with a relaxing afternoon at the pool or drinks back at your place. You'll be able to relax more effectively knowing that your spa day won't break the bank. 3. A Healthier Choice Let's be honest, a lot of the options for group hangouts involve a lot of drinking and/or eating. There's nothing wrong with a few beers and a pizza here and there, but making it a constant habit can take a toll on your health over time. Finding activities that take you out of the food-and-drink cycle is a good way to preserve your health while avoiding getting stuck in a rut. A day at the spa might not scream "health" like a yoga class or hiking, but it has some excellent benefits that shouldn't be overlooked. In a culture that values hard work and grinding 24/7, taking a day expressly for relaxation can be a radical act of self-care. Plus, a spa day can foster new types of conversations with your friends as the usual stresses of the day melt off your shoulders. You might find yourself less likely to complain or gossip, and more likely to open up about what's really going on in your life.  4. Time Away From the Phone Whatever type of spa experience you're planning with your friends, you should make a commitment together to turn the phones off and keep them stowed away the whole day. There are too few opportunities to connect with each other without notifications interrupting, so take advantage of the spa environment to get a break from your phones. It might feel uncomfortable at first and you might find yourself wondering what's going on at home. But eventually, you'll realize that this is the most relaxed you've been in a long time. Conclusion Your friend group might have designated hangouts every week that are a sacred part of your friendship. But don't be afraid to break away from tradition and get them into a spa for one of the most bonding relaxation experiences you'll ever have. 
Namjoon Personality Types: Are you wifey material...extended explanation
Que tal peeps! Disclaimer Since Namjoon is the "deep thinker" this will explain this personality thing in depth (kinda). 1. Just because your personality type is not a "pefect match" does not mean you could not be a good match. All relationships regardless has pros and challenges. 2. Honestly yoir personality type may not describe you as a whole. I'm a Commander. I'm very blunt x leader like when on a team. However when I'm in a relationship I'm totally different! Different codes and meanings... How you may match with other personalities Funny way to debunk stereotypes of personality types Now on to Namjoon.... INFPs present a calm, pleasant face to the world. They appear to be tranquil and peaceful to others, with simple desires. In fact, the INFP internally feels his or her life intensely. In the relationship arena, this causes them to have a very deep capacity for love and caring which is not frequently found with such intensity in the other types.  Strengths 1. Warmly concerned and caring towards others 2. Sensitive and perceptive about what others are feeling 3. Loyal and committed - they want lifelong relationships 4. Deep capacity for love and caringDriven to meet other's needsStrive for "win-win" situations 5. Nurturing, supportive and encouraging 6. Likely to recognize and appreciate other's need for space 7. Able to express themselves well 8. Flexible and diverse Weaknesses 1. May tend to be shy and reserved 2. Don't like to have their "space" invaded 3. Extreme dislike of conflict 4. Extreme dislike of criticism 5. Strong need to receive praise and positive affirmation 6. May react very emotionally to stressful situations 7. Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship 8. Have difficulty scolding or punishing others 9. Tend to be reserved about expressing their feelings 10. Perfectionistic tendancies may cause them to not give themselves enough credit 11. Tendency to blame themselves for problems, and hold everything on their own shoulders Source INFPs as Lovers INFPs feel tremendous loyalty and commitment to their relationships. With the Feeling preference dominating their personality, harmony and warm feelings are central to the INFP's being. They feel a need to be in a committed, loving relationship. If they are not involved in such a relationship, the INFP will be either actively searching for one, or creating one in their own minds. Sexually, the INFP is likely to be initially slow to open up to their mates. Once their trust has been earned, the INFP will view sexual intimacy as an opportunity for expressing their deep-seated love and affection. More than the actual sexual act, they will value giving and receiving love and sweet words. With their tendency to enjoy serving others, they may value their mates satisfaction above their own. Matches Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, INFP's natural partner is the ENFJ, or the ESFJ. INFP's dominant function of Introverted Feeling is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Extraverted Feeling. The INFP/ENFJ combination is ideal, because it shares the Intuiting way of perceiving, but the INFP/ESFJ combination is also a good match.  @strawberrylover @sukkyongwanser @TaeSky @divanicola05 @BabydollBre @SimplyAwkward @QueenPandaBunny @Vay754 @MissMinYoongi @EvilGenius @punkpandabear @Seera916 @VeronicaArtino @RKA916 @jiminakpop @PolarStarr @jjrockstar @SarahHibbs @kitkatkpop @simpsonsamantha @AraceliJimenez @SweetDuella @CArcelia @Gracielou0717 @DefSoul1994 @EvodiaEbraheem @JustBrea @FernandaMedina @aliendestina @KayLeeRose94 @IsoldaPazo @AgentLeo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @AlexisJ15 @impulsegurl666 @MonieManhiM @EvodiaEbraheem @Ttwolf74 @gyapitt @krystalrikpop @Indiglow @KarenGuerra93 @StephaniePoore @MRich @JJiBin @JohannaTlatench
8 Common Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend -
Have you ever wondered if the guy you like is in love with you? Do you know signs he likes you more than a friend?  However, you just need to know some signs he wants you more than a friend; it is very simple to know the answer. To get yourself a love soon, you should carefully read the content in this article. Let’s read this article to learn more! Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend If you observe the man you like has one of the signs that he cares about you more than a friend, congratulations, you are not one-sided love. Each man will often have different expressions, but the following signs are the basic needs of a man who likes you. He always wants to see you When you’re trying to know how to get over infatuation, all of a sudden, he keeps popping up in front of you, constantly offering invitations. If this is the case, forget about the intention at first. Instead, imagine the two of you having fun together. A guy who likes someone will show it by seeing you every day. He may appear in front of you by accident or on purpose to get a chance to talk and make an impression on you. He tells about you to all his relatives One day by chance, you accidentally meet his friends or relatives. If they suddenly burst out laughing or seem close to you, this guy must have told a lot of your good points to everyone. He talks a lot about you to his loved ones are signs that a man is pursuing you. He wants people to have a favorable view of you, wants people to be closer to you. At the same time, you will feel comfortable meeting his beloved people. These actions show that this guy is setting a ready path for your relationship to progress more easily. Or he’s trying to show you his true heart naturally and without force. He tries to understand everything about you Usually, men never care about the feelings or thoughts of girls, especially with girls they don’t like. So, next to you, there is a guy who is always listening calmly, silently observing your gestures and actions, then he must be wanting you. This expression is also reflected in the fact that they often ask abstractly, “what do you like? What do you do in your free time?…” Or maybe he will ask people around you about you. He tries to do everything to get to know you better, but he doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If you meet a guy who is ready to understand you, the answer to the question “how to make a guy think about you? It doesn’t make sense anymore.”  He cares about you He often invites you to lunch because he is afraid you will skip the meal. This guy is always there when you are sad, or needless to say, he also notices the changes in your spirit. Everything about you he knows. These expressions of interest indicate signs he wants more than friendship because no one has free time to spend their time, concern, or troubles with someone who is not special to themselves. When someone makes such a sacrifice for you, you should learn more about how to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend( to nurture this love. A relationship that is well built right from the start can lead to real and lasting happiness. Of course, you only have to give those good things to the guy who is interested in you because only those who have special feelings for you will provide that gesture of love to you. He teases you Guys like to tease the girl they care about. Not only does he knock when it’s just the two of you, but he also plays pranks on you in crowded places. Especially when he’s with a group of friends, he only does this action with you alone. These sarcastic words or gestures help him get your attention. It also allows him to talk with you and doesn’t leave you time to focus on anyone other than him. So, if you notice that a guy is acting like that, there’s a good chance he likes you. At this point, you need to show off a little charm-making skill learned in Self Help Skills, and he will surely confess to you soon.  He remembers everything you tell him Does he like me more than a friend signs? You have asked yourself that question. Guys who don’t like you can’t remember everything you’ve told him, especially your details. Don’t spend too much time with these guys. Instead, you take the time to observe and find someone who is quietly listening and remembering all your stories. Because remembering what you said is signs he has strong feelings for you( So, the man who wants to pursue you will love to hear you talk. He will then use the information gathered from you as a topic of communication between the two of you. That way, he avoids being in a situation where he doesn’t know how to start a conversation. Besides, applying your information to elicit the story will help you make a deeper impression on him. Of course, if he doesn’t like you, he wouldn’t mind doing things that would take time and effort. So, it would help if you used how to flirt with a guy friend(, and you will soon have a lover. He tells you his plans Do you know some signs someone likes you more than a friend? When you do not know the man’s feelings next to you, and it is not convenient to confess, speaking will be a hint for you to judge the surface of the man. A person who only likes to make jokes or talk about other people when with him probably has no subtle signs he cares about you more than a friend. Besides joking to make friends happy, boys often tell their plans to the girl they like. He thinks that showing his intentions will help the girl he wants to gain more confidence. Thus, the chances of a successful confession are higher. So, it would help if you subtly realized this so as not to miss the dream guy or a certain destiny. Also, you need to learn how to get a man to chase you to the subtle green light. He arranges dates similar to dating couples Do you know subtle signs he likes you more than a friend? When a man has plans with a girl, he will often ask you out somewhere. These get-togethers can be fun at first. Gradually, you realize that your date is like a couple. He leads you to a couple’s date. The two of them eat together, go to the movies together, and talk together. Occasionally, he even makes a few special gestures of interest. At this point, you don’t have to think about how to make a guy think about you( because this guy has a crush on you. Although there were very obvious expressions, he still refused to confess. You are impatient and want to speed up the process, use Infatuation Scripts. However, you should not be too obvious that may reduce his stimulation. It would be best if you only did things very subtly to create the feeling that he is in danger of losing you.  In this case, a book like Infatuation Scripts will help you a lot. If you haven’t heard of it, you can check out the Infatuation Scripts review( and learn from the success of the girls who came before. Remember when a guy suddenly arranges romantic dates with you, most of the time he likes you. If you are in love with him, this sign will trigger you to make a great move to attract him soon. Conclusion Signs he likes you more than a friend are often very diverse. Sometimes it’s easy to notice, but sometimes you’re not paying attention.  If ignoring a sign, you can lose someone who is good to you. Therefore, you should live slower and observe more to find your true love soon.  Thank you for reading! Credit:
9 Signs He Wants To Marry You – How To Read A Man’s Mind?
Marriage is a happy ending for all couples. It starts with a romantic proposal from the man with candle lights shimmering in the night. Yet, when does it happen? What are the signs he wants to marry you soon? Self Help Skills has shared with you the nine most apparent signs. All you have to do is to read and observe if your boyfriend has those indicators or not. Let's get started! Some Signs He Wants To Marry You How to get a man to marry you?( Just be yourself, and he will be the one who voices his love first. Men aren't good at hiding their desire. With a bit of observation, you can figure out if he wants to do something or not. Below are nine signs he wants to marry you in the future.  1. He introduces you to his friends and family How to know if he wants to marry you? A man won't ever introduce a woman to his family and friends if he isn't confident about his relationship. Since you are important to him, he surely wants other essential people in his life to get to know about you. He is claiming to the world that he loves you.  Although this sign is not a certainty, it must be a big step. More than a love confirmation, your boyfriend also implies that he's serious in the romance with you. He may also want to marry. If you have a long-term relationship but still have no idea about your boy's friends and family, you should consider some situations. 2. He wants to talk about future When a man feels free to discuss the future with you, there's a good chance he regards you as part of his plan. He worries about creating long-term goals with you when he reveals his ambitions and how he intends to accomplish them. Try to pay attention whenever he mentions such topics. Don't avoid him since he could assume you don't want to be with him in the future. Also, if a guy avoids conversing about the years to come, it might indicate that he doesn't like being around you in the long run. Speaking about the future does not always imply talking about marriages, children, or other such things. It might be as simple as making a list of future trips you'd like to take together. 3. He asks for your advice  When a man loves a woman, how does he act?( Well, he must care about your opinion.  When your boyfriend thinks about you before making a final decision, it says he cares about "we." You are an essential part of his goal in life. As a result, his choices should satisfy both of you. For example, when he receives a job offer, he needs your advice on whether his decision affects the future of you two. The entire notion of marriage is "two people becoming one." It's a bonus for you if he's already giving signals that the two of you are a unit. If he doesn't ask your perspective on critical issues and instead makes decisions without considering you, it implies he still cares about himself. He doesn't tend to include you in his plans. 4. He's always by your side When you're going through a tough time, nothing beats having the man you love beside you. It's a huge sign that a man is sincere about you if he's always ready to give his love, support, and care when something doesn't go well. These actions demonstrate that you can rely on him if you two end up together. Furthermore, going through difficult times together cements your bond and strengthens your relationship. A person who wants to stay in your life should be someone you can lean on when you're feeling down. You can share your anxieties and concerns with him without fear of his leaving you. 5. He wants to move in Because some communities don't allow couples to live together until they get married, this is an absolute sign. If your partner discusses moving in with you, he wants to settle down. Living together sometimes sounds like getting married. Both of you can have higher chances to know more about each other. This action also implies that your boyfriend gets committed to a relationship with you. You're the one he wants to start a family with. However, it would help if you only pondered the reason why your boyfriend wants to move in. Maybe he just wants to share the bill.  In some cases, you two have already been living together for a while. He is financially able to settle down. Yet, he feels alright living with you. He must want things to be consistent like this. Or, you can say: "He wants to marry me." 6. He wants to be a part of your life Your boyfriend can be an active part of your life if he genuinely cares about you and envisions a future with you. A marriage is about more than just love. You must be sure that the man you are dating is reliable in his behavior towards you.  Does he keep in touch with you usually? Is his love and care for you consistent? An actual boyfriend should know how you've been recently and give you caring gestures. You are his priority. If you can feel those signs from him, he wants to accompany you. 7. He loves you like crazy Of course, your boyfriend should be involved in the romance with you. What makes a woman attractive to a man( may draw his attention to you at first sight. But your true beauty makes him love you more.  Because love starts from one's heart, let your heart perceive the signs. You will know if he loves you or not when you feel affection from him. Even if your boyfriend can convey his thoughts by words, his actions will prove it. Love is also the origin of marriage. If a man loves you, he wants to marry you and cares for you for the rest of his life. 8. He wants to share financial issues with you Money is a sensitive topic for many marriages and even for unmarried couples. You may include it as one of the signs he wants to marry if you two have been on a joint financial path. Your boyfriend may discuss investment and saving goals with you. he appreciates your opinion and sees you as a counselor. It also implies that it's vital to him that you agree with his decisions.  If your partner finds you reliable, he even shares his password on his bank account with you. All the financial issues in a positive way should be signs that he wants to marry you. 9. He gives you hints Does my boyfriend want to marry me? Notice some hints he's giving to you. If he's willing to marry and is planning to propose, the topic of marriage will shift from theoretical to more detailed and direct questions about wedding planning. They are all signs he may offer soon. He could ask about your ideal wedding or honeymoon. Or he shows concerns about your career. Is it stable enough to settle down?  He may even ask you how many children you want to have or like them to be boys or girls.  This sign is quite clear. Your boyfriend is ensuring that you are ready for a long-term commitment too. The ten signs above can help you determine whether he wants to propose to you or not. If you see more than five hints from him, he indeed looks forward to a marriage with you. How Can I Recognize The Signs From Him? Learning the sign which he wants to marry you soon is not enough for a long-term relationship. How to make a man chase you? How to get him to commit?(  There are many things you need to learn to conquer a man's heart completely. "His secret obsession review,"( an online program, could be your perfect teacher. This program is about entering a man's love life. It also emphasizes obtaining his full attention and everlasting devotion for the rest of his life. This book contains scientifically validated information on how to understand a man. It illustrates how a woman can attract and dominate a man's mind at the same time. You're not going to give up on a relationship that ends up pointless. Your boyfriend will be unable to ignore you if you logically adhere to the rules. With the content above, you already know the signs that he really wants a happy ending with you. Through this information, you also know when a man loves a woman how does he act. Conclusion Above are nine clear signs he wants to marry you. Your boyfriend may have some other indicators, though. However, if you pay enough attention, you can feel that he likes you for the rest of his life. When do guys know they want to marry you? It's when he loves you enough and is ready for a commitment. Don't forget to check out our other helpful articles at for real-life stories. Hopefully, your love story will have a happy ending! Credit by:
8 Ultimate Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You - Self Help Skills
You’ve been dating a girl for a while, and you want to move on to an exclusive relationship. However, you are not sure if she would like to go further with you. You will need to know the signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you so that you can decide to continue or pull back.  In this article, Self Help Skills will help you figure out if she has no intention to be with you through some signs.  Let’s explore together! Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship Women’s emotions are rather complicated, and you may find it difficult to guess what they want. But if the girl you pursue has the following signs, probably she doesn’t want a committed relationship with you.  #1. She has no specific plan for the future If a girl wants to be in a relationship with you, she will think about the future.  She may start with making a plan for a trip with you or pay more attention to your schedule. Then, she will want to know about your future family plans.  If you don’t see her doing any of these things, she doesn’t want a relationship with you.  #2. Your presence is not very important to her If a girl desires you, she will get interested in what you say or what you do. She will ask you more about your life and want to help you if necessary.  If she just talks about her issues in the conversation, she just considers you as a good listener. #3. She suggests a friendship When a girl suggests that you and she should be just friends, you shouldn’t expect a romantic relationship with her. In this case, she doesn’t want a relationship but wants to be friends. She knows that you are a good man and want to maintain a relationship with you, but not an intimate one. #4. She doesn’t find your jokes funny A good sense of humor is what makes a guy attractive( to women. So, if she keeps silent when you tell a funny story, she doesn’t find you attractive. If she likes you, she will laugh at your jokes, even when it’s not funny at all.  #5. She always makes excuses to refuse when you ask her out Almost every time you ask her for a date, she tells you that she is busy. This behavior indicates that she doesn’t want to be with you. She can be really busy, or it’s only an excuse. But if she wants a relationship with you, she will make herself as available as possible. #6. She says “It’s me, not you” Women often avoid rejecting men directly. When she says “It’s me, not you“, it’s one of the signs she doesn’t like you anymore( She wants to end the relationship with you to move on with another guy. Maybe you have made everything too easy for her, so she feels bored and desires a more challenged man. #7. She mentions other guys when talking with you Another sign she doesn’t want to be your partner is that she tells you about other guys. However, it’s not like she intentionally makes you jealous to see your reaction.  She tells you about someone she likes without paying attention to your feelings. She may even ask your opinion about that guy. In this case, she just considers you as a friend to confide in and ask for advice.  #8. She avoids physical intimacy When you are together, she always keeps distant or avoids looking into your eye while talking. Besides, she refuses all the intimate gestures like holding hands, hugging, or kissing. You may think that she is shy, but it’s not the real reason. She has no feelings for you.  The Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You In the next part, we will learn about why she avoids a relationship with you. Below are some possible reasons for her distant behavior. She is not ready enough She has passed a hard time when breaking up with her previous boyfriend. Thus, she doesn’t want a relationship with anyone. This girl wants a break and needs some time to heal the soul wound before jumping into love again. You are not attractive enough You may be in the case that “she doesn’t want a relationship but wants to see me“. Because she doesn’t like you enough, she just wants to be friends with you. You will need to learn how to attract women( before asking them for an exclusive relationship. You are not her ideal partner Girls often build themselves an ideal partner. So, if a girl dumps you in the friend zone, you don’t meet the qualifications of her desired significant other.  She only seeks a casual relationship She just wants to have sex with you for some reason instead of getting into a serious relationship. If so, your current situation will be like “she doesn’t want a relationship but she likes me“.  Some women may be so busy with their work and other issues that they don’t have enough time for a committed relationship. Besides, they may also want to have some variety in their sex life.  Therefore, they only seek a casual relationship. If you are in this situation, just have sex with that girl and don’t ask her for a serious relationship.  What Can You Do If She Doesn’t Want To Go Further With You? So, you can determine if she doesn’t want a commitment with you. But can you do something to make her change her mind? Below are things you should do when a girl doesn’t want a romantic tie with you. Maintain friendship with her Many romantic relationships grow from friendship, so you should continue to be friends with her. Sharing your common interests will make you closer to each other.  Moreover, you can raise the intimacy between you and her by naturally touch her. Touches will help bring her mood to the next level of a relationship. Remember to act at the right time and in the right place to get the best result.  When you are good friends, you can tell her that you have a crush on a girl. She may get jealous and want to get you back.  Learn some skills to make her fall for you If your case is “she likes me but doesn’t want a relationship“, you can have more chances to make her your partner. You need to know more about her psychology and have the right methods to flirt with her. To make this job easier, you can try the Obsession method – an online program for men. In this program, you can find many useful tricks to get the girl you like. This review post will provide you more information about this awesome program.  Make her interested in you before asking her to be your girlfriend If she isn’t ready for a relationship or doesn’t like you enough, you should give her more time. During this time, you can help her know more about you and make her fall in love with you. Thereby, she will probably say yes when you ask her to be your girlfriend. You can improve yourself to impress her. If you have any talent such as singing or dancing, you should develop it. She will find you more attractive if you have something different from other guys. Your special skill will make her impressed and more interested in you. To know how to attract a girl(, you need to know the method to make her interested in you before asking her to be your girlfriend. Final Thoughts Hopefully, through this article, you are clear about signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you. If a girl doesn’t intend to go further with you, you should take a step back and find out why she has this behavior.  Thereby, you can have the best strategy to charm her off her feet.  Thank you for following this post! Source via:
Apple has confirmed the launch of four iPhones |Haqeeqat ki Dunya
Apple has now given everyone a big surprise But iPhone 13 leaks have exposed some massive new upgrades. the company has confirmed its new iPhones just days before they launch.  Apple ended the game in a new FCC filing for its MegaSafe charger. Apple has listed four new iPhone models in this filing, and even all models of the iPhone 12 have been described as “hereditary” devices. The filing suggests that another version of the MegSafe charger is coming – but the big advantage is the test devices. With the A2176 (iPhone 12 Mini), A2172 (iPhone 12), A2341 (iPhone 12 Pro) and A2342 (iPhone 12 Pro Max), all Apple has classified it as a “legacy phone”. Everyone’s attention is focused on the four “new iPhones”. Apple says it has also completed tests of new iPhones. Their models include the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini (despite the relatively low sales of their predecessors) and are expected to have model numbers A2628, A2634, The A2640 and A2645 will carry. However, Apple is expected to offer some major upgrades, including improved cameras, improved battery life, faster charging, Next-Gen Wi-Fi and smaller markings. For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max buyers, they will also get a 5G, 120Hz Pro Motion display and double the storage. The most anticipated upgrade, however, was scrapped. That said, don’t expect this to reduce demand. Apple CFO Luca Maestri has already warned of supply constraints that “will primarily impact iPhone and iPad” this quarter and there are also claims of last minute price hikes. So, with the new iPhone launch just days away, Apple fans will need to act fast or face the consequences.