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If you're fishing waters with big biters, you'll have the problem of bass and pike destroying your spinnerbaits within a few battles. Most of those time the lures become scrap in just a few weeks if you fish often. One way to solve this problem is to invest in more expensive spinnerbaits that are built to stand up to this kind of attack . One such lure is the Terminator Spinnerbait. It's made of titanium so it doesn't bend. It isn't gonna split. It's not gonna corrode. It's dressed in skirts made of silicon rather than rubber, and those last longer and are then easy to replace. You can fish this lure like any other spinnerbait, but it's gonna last you longer. At 9 bucks a pop, they better!
@happyrock lemme know how it goes later
@mcgraffy cool, thank you. ill try it
@happyrock you could give it a try, though I'm not sure how successful it'd be hah. You can call it whatever you want, really, but I guess it'd be a split ring rig?
@mcgraffy haha, thanks anyways. Could this be put up on a float n fly rig instead of a fly...? what would you call that?
@happyrock to be honest I know nothing about where the name comes from, but thatd be cool
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