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Online Casino Trends to Be On a Lookout for in 2022

Online casinos have been on the rise for years and the restrictions due to Covid pandemic, have given them an additional boost. It’s expected that the online casino industry will grow about 13 percent throughout 2021/2022. This is a global trend and it’s closely related to the prevalence of smartphones around the world. There are many more smartphones than computer users and the market for online gambling keeps expanding.
Technologies such as digital currency and the use of VPNs have also helped the market expand and paved a way for many exciting innovations

A Move to Mobile

Mobile phone gambling isn’t new, it’s pretty much as old as the technology itself. What’s new about it is how widespread the trend is. There are estimated that in 2019 as much as 50 percent of mobile phone users, have used their device to gamble online. This number will increase even further in the years to come.
Now when access to physical casinos has been restricted, the UK casinos, as well as gambling establishments across the world, have been trying to step up their mobile app development. The efforts show in both the experience and the number of users.


The adoption of cryptocurrency has changed almost every industry out there and online casinos are no different. Casinos were reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies at first, due to the novelty and their decentralized nature. However, when the trend stuck, online casinos started accepting them as a payment method.
It’s also a way for the industry to attract young and tech-savvy players, that are mostly interested in paying in this manner. Some casinos even offer bonuses to those who use cryptocurrency to attract this demographic.

Live Play Mobile Casinos

Since land-based casinos are becoming less popular and less available, online casinos are doing what they can to mimic the experience. That has led the casino to use more live dealers and to set up live events that try to look and feel as if the player is participating in the event with others.
Real-time feeds can now easily be streamed on mobile devices without any loss in quality. This trend is especially popular in the UK and several Asian countries, such as China or Malaysia. The trend will probably go well into the post-covid era.

New Games

The online gambling industry was always on the lookout for new games and new venues for their clients. That has led to the quick adoption of new popular betting games, which are especially popular with young players. Some traditional games such as online casino slots from Casino Horse will always be sought after, but it’s also time to make room for e-sports as a big source of new players.
E-sports are quickly catching up with live sports and other betting games since they provide a similar game mechanic, the same thrill, and more players participate in the events than ever.

The Use of AI

AI has already found its use in many online industries. Everyone who has been targeted by an ad can testify to this. This technology will also play a big role in online casinos. The influx of players has led to the need for chatbots and virtual assistance. AI is a way to provide this valuable service without the expenses of hiring a vast staff.
Customer support is especially important during this transition period when many new players are coming on board and playing online for the first time. AI will have a huge role to play in easing this transition for them, without casinos having to overburden their support staff.

Online Communities

One of the biggest advantages of moving the casino industry online will be the ability to tap into the sense of community that exists amongst online players. An e-gambler is on the lookout for online slot reviews, gaming communities, and popular discussion topics.
This gives online casinos a new and more organic venue for marketing and establishing a connection with the players. In the years to come online casinos plan to expand and improve their online presence with a particular emphasis on social media.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage technology is essential for online casinos, but it’s also one of those technologies that are too often overlooked since it stays behind the scenes. Using cloud-based technology to run the online casinos will allow the users to consume less data while playing.
This also means that the players will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest regardless of how fast their internet is (as long as if it’s within expected limits). Fine details of graphic design will therefore provide a full gaming experience for all players. This technology is projected to only get better in the years to come.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of those technical innovations that was a thing of science fiction just a few years ago and is now widely available. Players can now experience more immersive gameplay and a look and feel of a casino from their own home.
The tech isn’t perfect yet but it’s improving and expanding in leaps and bounds. Since there are many commercial uses for it and online casinos are looking to sell an experience and not just a game, chances are that it will improve even further.

Privacy and Anonymity

With all the advantages that are offered by online gambling, there are also a few concerns. The biggest of these is online privacy. There will always be players that want anonymity online and especially so when it comes to their monetary transactions.
Online casinos need to accommodate this request and to do so in a way that complies with local law and regulations. This is projected to be one of the biggest and most impactful challenges the industry will face.

Online casinos are changing and adapting new technologies. This is partly a matter of necessity and partly about the force of markets. Online gaming will become an even bigger part of the industry by 2022.
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