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I don't know why I thought this might be a good book; I thought perhaps the title was a joke, and that this would provide something more than sex. I was wrong, and for that fault I actually stopped reading this book. It's not that I mind sex in my novels: it's fine, when done well. What I can't stand is sex for the sake of sex. It's classless and unnecessary, especially in literature. I'm sure there are those that find this book hilarious, but I wasn't one of them! I'll give a brief into to why I wasn't able to finish this spinoff, but I can't be very thorough considering I quit reading it. I won't disagree with Eckstut and Ashton (the authors) that sex was more common in the Regency era that people like to believe, and there were even a lot of scandals like the ones that appear in these books, the situations created do not suit the characters because they feel entirely too modern. And, the authors try to claim that these situations fill the plot holes of the novel, when in actuality, they create more confusing stories for the reader to attempt to follow. If you were confused reading Pride and Prejudice, don't expect to be less confused now. I recommend staying far, far away from this book. Seriously.
@caricakes should have been, haha. Sadly I bought the ebook so I have a tendency the only focus on the words when I do that!
@nisfit @nokcha I recommend just reading a short excerpt online....dont buy it!!
the cover image alone should be a red flag
Now I feel like I have to read at least a little just to see how on earth they thought this could work haha
I'll take your advice haha Though I can see why you were curious because of the title!