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Renting an entire house, villa or apartment for a holiday has been a worldwide trend over the past few years. Doing so is not only a good deal and an easy booking experience, but allows you to interact with a real host who might give you better insight regarding potential destinations. The Jakarta Post Travel has selected five unique accommodations in Indonesia under US$100 on offer at Airbnb Little Manhattan, Jakarta ($44) This 33 square meter studio apartment was designed to resemble Manhattan, New York. Located in Kalibata, South Jakarta, it features an industrial-themed design, with exposed pipes on the walls and ceilings that are painted yellow. The apartment is fitted with a single king-size floating bed and blue lights underneath. “The yellow pipes represent New York City’s iconic yellow cab, while the blue lights represent the city lights,” said the owner. A black and white portrait of Manhattan has been applied as wallpaper, creating the feel of a city within a city. Traditional character guesthouse, Ubud, Bali ($45) Located 1.4 kilometers away from Ubud’s main road in the village of Kutuh Kaja, this 50 square meter antique teak-wood house from Sulawesi is furnished with elegant furniture from all across the archipelago, and has been outfitted with all the modern comforts like air conditioners, refrigerators, coffee and tea makers, WiFi and open-air bathrooms filled with giant trees. The guesthouse also features a king-size bed, as well as a sofa that can be used as a bed for two small children. There is also an Infinity pool off the main house the overlooks a gorge and rice terraces. Yabbiekayu homestay, Yogyakarta, Central Java ($50) This traditional Javanese bungalow was hand-built from solid teak wood, brought down from the mountains above Yogyakarta and then reassembled to suit the needs of modern travelers. Each room features large antique four-poster double beds, private outdoor living space and an outdoor bathroom complete with a bathtub. The bungalow stands on a rice paddy at the edge of the charming Tembi village, about 6 kilometers south of Yogyakarta. It is designed to be culturally attuned and eco-friendly, with lots of natural ventilations, fans and mosquito nets. Bamboo eco-cottage, Ubud, Bali ($65) If sleeping in nature is what you are looking for, then this cottage is the best bet, with some stylish design thrown in as a bonus. This eco-cottage is designed to mimic a woven basket, featuring a living bamboo and traditional grass roof that leaves the cottage totally exposed to nature. There is no air conditioning, but the cottage is blessed by a constant breeze because of its location in the middle of a rice field just a five minute walk from central Ubud. Bamboo Villa in Gerupuk Bay, Lombok ($88) This 110 square meter house was designed by a Spanish architect who specializes in sustainable building design. It was made entirely from bamboo and other local materials. The villa is naturally ventilated and has a well that captures rainwater to provide fresh water. The two-floor building features an upstairs living room, an open kitchen and a large terrace facing the bay. Downstairs there is a more enclosed bedroom and an open-air bathroom. The villa is located in Siwak, at the end of Gerupuk Bay, around 9 kilometers away from Kuta, Lombok. The bay itself is an ideal spot for surfers, from beginners all the way to professionals.