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It's always good to be polite - good manners can open doors especially when you've just arrived in a foreign country, you're on your own and looking to make friends...and find food! Mandarin Chinese doesn't have a specific word for 'please' but rather constructions and verbs which can be used to request things politely. However, there is a word for 'thank you' and that word is ‘谢谢’ pronounced ‘xièxie'. Note that the second 'xie' doesn't have a tone on it. Considering you've already got a falling tone on the first 'xie', it would be rather difficult to keep falling, so the second 'xie' is toneless. 谢 means 'to thank' but can also be used to mean 'to make an apology, excuse oneself'. (Examples and explanations will be added later!) Of course, there are no rules for the usage of this - thanks are always appreciated in any culture.
@zhengshi I think I'm going to be focusing on building up the beginner level content for now but there's no reason why I won't expand into more advanced content. it seems the majority of people are most interested in beginner level content so it makes sense to start from there
@acrossthesea I think there will be. Any chance of introducing some harder level cards too?
@zhengshi I think so. I wasn't sure initially but it seems like there's a demand for it.
will you be introducing any grammar at all?
@acrossthesea hmm ok. I'll be looking forwards especially to the more advanced content. Thanks.