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When living in another country, it's inevitable that at some point you will make a mistake. Whether your mistake is a small one or a big one, you need to know how to apologise. In Korean, 'I'm sorry' is 죄송합니다 and is pronounced "joe-song hap-ni-da". The initial 'j' sounds similar to 'ch' in normal speech so it is easy to get confused but the correct romanised form is 'j'! It can be broken down into two parts; 죄송 [ joe-song ] means 'apology' or 'feeling sorry' 합니다 [hap-ni-da] is the polite version of the present tense form of the 하다 [ha-da] verb which means 'to do'. This is the most polite way of apologising to someone. There are more informal forms (which will be gradually introduced later) but if you're unsure -or if you've really messed up big time- it's safest to use 죄송합니다 (a solemn, apologetic face also helps!).
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