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Hi, It’s me again. This time with a new collection that I will hope will help people learn real Spanish in real situations. I don’t actually like using the term “real Spanish” but the reality is a lot of Spanish that is taught is book Spanish. So how to learn to speak like a native? Well songs are a great place to learn. And actually I got the idea for this collection because my friend misinterpreted a song’s meaning because he didn’t know the colloquial use of it. It actually caused him a bit of embarrassment haha. Anyway, in this collection, I will take an expression presented in a song and break it down by literal meaning and colloquial meaning. I will give the literal meaning of each word, as well as the literal meaning of the phrase, while explaining what it actually means when people say this. Hope you all enjoy it!
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Maybe I'll finally start to learn a second language? I'll give it a try at least, haha, let's see how this goes!