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This is a piece I wrote about the Korean community in Pittsburgh after experiencing it by working in a Korean restaurant in the area throughout high school and college. The piece was first going to be about the community itself: what did Koreans like about Pittsburgh, what did they hate, what did they wish they could find more of? Later, the piece became not about the Koreans, but about Bryan and Jeoung and their restaurant and the lives they affected. I didn't want to initially tell the story about why Bryan started the restaurant, but later on, I realized that this is where the story truly laid. Full collection: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1132145-Dasonii-The-People-Who-Love
@greggr I ended up rewriting large portions, with more direction. It worked out alright though. @flymetothemoon Thank you! Hope you find some inspiration here, and enjoy writing a bit too :)
I'm really enjoying this story, I've read a few cards already and I love your style! I hope you keep posting more of your work, I'm a little bit new to the Creative Writing interest :)
Interesting to see how this project evolved for you; did you find yourself having to rewrite large portions because of the change in theme, or not much?