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The People Who Love Part 2: Building Love

This is part 2 of a piece I wrote last year called "Dasonii: The people who love" documenting a restaurant I spent a lot of time at in Pittsburgh. Please comment with any questions, or any critiques! Thanks for reading. To read part 1, go here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/388517 ===================================== Bryan and Jeoung used to go to the Korean Central Church in Shadyside every Sunday. Their kids, too, attended church functions, and they often cooked for the annual Korean food festival, but this was before Dasonii opened. Now, they attend less often, or attend a Catholic church closer to home. That change was not a result of the restaurant, but the cause of the restaurant’s creation. “I used to do a lot of helping work at that church,” Bryan tells one of his new chefs. “We would try to get together and help, with Habitat for Humanity. Fix houses, help with repairs, little things. At church, I would put up a list, and we all went together.” Part of the training process at Dasonii is to learn why Bryan opened the restaurant, and understanding why Bryan stopped going to church is part of that reason. Though Bryan was happy to assist with the church volunteer projects, he didn’t like the end results of the work, and Habitat for Humanity was not Bryan’s ideal partner in creating new homes for those who cannot afford to do so themselves. One summer, Bryan made plans with the church to do a group donation and volunteer project through Habitat for Humanity; he made the calls and set the date according to when the other twenty volunteers said they would be available. On building day, only seven people showed. Still, Bryan put on a smile and tried. They went to Homestead and met with the Habitat for Humanity coordinators, who, too, smiled, and put the volunteers with little experience to work hammering nails and painting walls. Bryan, experienced at building and repair work thanks to a childhood in rural Korea, helped elsewhere with plumbing, lighting and more complicated tasks. "One time I stayed late to help longer. They tore it all down. Everything the people, those from my church had tried to do during the day. The work just was not good, so torn it all down. Such a waste; instead of teaching them, they just tore it down and did again at night.” Bryan continues to complain; despite the good that Habitat for Humanity claims to teach, like new skills and team building, through their group-based volunteer projects, he doesn’t see it. With little faith in the organization and church to make a difference, Bryan decided to open Dasonii. His luggage transportation business was stable, and the allure of chef-dom had always caught his eye since he worked as a Japanese-style sushi chef during his early college years in America. Bryan decided to open the business to help whoever he could. Jeoung didn’t want the restaurant—she didn’t want to work in such a public place, where her English which had improved little during her ten years in America would be tested daily. While raising her kids in the Pittsburgh suburbs, she had little reason to become fluent in English. Bryan had to run a business, make important calls and discuss plans with people, but Jeoung remained at home, with only herself and two young children to speak to. Jeoung didn’t want to open a restaurant where she would have to speak English, but, plying to Bryan’s determination, she agreed. With the profits, Bryan decided that he would purchase low-cost homes from banking closeouts, common in Pittsburgh neighborhoods like Homestead, remodel them with the help of friends, and give them to nice people currently without homes. He knew how much of a difference a gift like this, one he could provide, would make. Bryan was determined. He was able to purchase and give away two homes within a year and a half of the restaurant’s opening. The profits from Dasonii bought houses which become homes for families in need. Everything went well, until it didn’t. =========================== To follow this collection: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1132145
@hikaymm that's a fantastic motto to have!
@timeturnerjones yep, weekly!! the next one will be up soon :)
@greggr @sophiamor thanks! @amog32 He was always religious, but I think it was also just his personal motto to love people.
This is a pretty cool idea @hikaymm though I wish I could read the whole story already! Are you posting this weekly or...?
Interesting--was Bryan always religious? It's interesting to consider whether he started doing this for personal beliefs, or religious based beliefs. Definitely an interesting reason for starting a restaurant--can't wait to read more. @hikaymm
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Jungkook No Longer Baby Boy (+19)
Que tal peeps! WE ARE STILL COUNTING DOWN TO JUNGKOOK'S BIRTHDAY IN THE AMS COMMUNITY. THIS IS A QUICK FANFICTION THAT CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Jungkook has always been like a little brother to you and you always looked after him, especially when the guys picked in him. You were planning a special birthday surprise for him with the guys. "He should be happy he gets a cake." Yoongi scuffed. "Well well now lets not be too mean Yoongi...he is the youngest." I said while writing down ideas. You and the guys came up with a plan. You and Jin would bake a cake and cook food. Hobi and Tae would clean up while Namjoon and Yoongi decorated. "Namjoon please don't break anything." Hobi laughed. Namjoon rolled his eyes and laughed. The next day it was super hot in the office and all you wanted to fo was take a shower. You rushed home and jumped into the shower. Jin would be shopping for food with Namjoon while the others bought decorations. Jungkook would be at the library volunteering so everything should be finished then. The water felt so good as you allowed it to hit your skin. You had your relaxing body wash. You inhaled the lavender scent and lathered up your body sponge. You began cleaning and singing when you seen a pair of eyes looking in the small crack of the door. You paused thinking you seen something else. You didn't know if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you looked back and no one was there. You finisjef showering and walked down to your room. You noticed Jungkook's door was cracked. This was strange cuz he always locks his door. You pay no mind and get dressed. The crew arrived and you all get to preparing the surprise birthday for Jungkook. You were pleased how everything played out. Namjoon only broke 3 things which is good. You walked to your room to get an extra present you brought for Jungkook when you noticed your pantry drawer was opened. Your neatly arranged panties were all a mess. You picked up the present wrapped in shiny red wrapper and seen that Jungkook's door was cracked wider. You walked down the hall and heard odd noises. "Yass gosh noona..." You peeped your head in without makjng a sound and saw Jungkook with your panties in his hand. He was licking a pink pair with a red pair wrapped around his man hood. Jungkook was stroking himself. You found yourself shook for a moment. But then you began watching out of enjoyment. Your breathing goth heavier. Jungkook slowly his hand motion and grinned. "I know you are watching me noona." You covered ur mouth. But a gasp escaped ur wet lips. "Jungkook why do you have my panties? "Noona you know I want you. I made that clear last week when I spanked the hell out of you. Remember you made me promise not to tell." You walked into his room and closed the door. "Shh boy that was a mistake." "A mistake?" Jungkook said while raising his eyebrow. He smiled while looking at the gift I had. "Nice wrapping but do you know what I really want noona?" Jungkook smirked. Jungkook walked closer to be still hard as a brick and stood behind me allowing his hard on to rub between by cheeks. He let out a groan. "I know you been with all the guys nonna, they brag about it. I want you now." Jungkook said. "Jungkook...look those days are behind me. I'm no longer group banging trash." "Okay I will just spread the word at work." Jungkook laughed. "Fine Jungkook." I hissed. Jungkook pushed me on my stomach while sliding my shorts to the side. He was happy to see I had in no panties. He stuffed a pair or my panties he had in my mouth and plunged deep inside me without mercy. The pink wet panties muffled my scream of pleasure. Jungkook pounded me hard and fast. "Noona you were all wet from watching me?" Jungkook smacked my butt hard. "ANSWER me. You like watching me wack off?" I nodded as he pulled me hard into him. He switched so we were facing the mirror and began pounding me hard hitting all my spots. "Look at that little face. You love it noona. Yoongi said you like it rough." I surprised Jungkook and pusjed him back on his butt. I climbed on top of him. "You gotta do more to get me off little baby boy." I said while grinning. I began riding him hard and fast while pulling his hair. He began sucking my right breast as I rode him. "Yass that's a good baby boy." I moaned. I could see he was coming to the edge and so was I. The room echoed of slapping skin. "Noona yasss! Oh shit!" Jungkook moaned while exploded in me. The explosion made me go over the edge. My vision was so blurry. Suddenly the crew busted in "Happy Birthday Jungkook!" "Shit looks like we got to the party late." Yoongi blurted. 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