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These are the way to greet people for Cambodia: 1. When you are praying 2. Greeting the king or the monks 3. Greeting the parents, grand parents, or the ones who you obey 4. Greeting the ones who are older, or have higher range than you 5. Greeting the ones who are the same age or younger, or have the same range or lower range than you
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I still remember to do this when I meet anyone who is Cambodian, well those older than me anyway. :)
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i love cambodian costume! would love to go there someday!
5 years ago·Reply
@soula I'm sure you would love it there. I haven't been back in over 10 years and I really miss it.
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wow really? where do you live now?
5 years ago·Reply
I live in the U.S., Illinois.
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