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Do we hate the new Instagram update?

(keyboard clicking ), Hey Instagram.. What's the latest update? Let's see what you think. It seems pretty simple to me. It &# 39 s. You just moved the notification and posting buttons. I was trying to give it a fresh look.. They are in different places. Yeah about that., So the notification button that & # 39 s, now a shopping button. Mm-hmm. Now, I accidentally click on it every time. Wow. That's insane. It is kinda frustrating because I keep going there accidentally and it almost seems like you want to make me shop. But you made me believe that I would not if I moved the buttons. Me No, come on Psh. I & # 39 m meme guy.. We love memes. It's okay. This guy.. Ah, I have a question.. How do we decide what is advertised to us? You pick what you like. Yeah, but how do you know I like it? Because you.., when you said- (stuttering) People like you like stuff. That & # 39 s the stuff I set you up. Okay. You wouldn't, listen to me talk like you would private conversations. Of course., You stupid, listen. Okay. That's cool. That's right. It is just strange. I was having a conversation the other night with a friend, and I was laughing about how I was going na get her lawnflamingos for birthday. And then, I found all these lawn flamingo ads. Wow. That's quite a coincidence. I wonder. Yeah.. Now you're able to locate them. Aren't they great? Huh! Oh my God. You & # 39 re. Listen to my conversations. No. ( laughing ). You absolutely can. That's impossible. You can & # 39 t! Listen to my life and don't sell me anything if you don't wish to. I am not your puppet that you can play like a fiddle. This is my private world. I get it. It's not fair. Spying on people is what you are doing. Spying, spying. You must be serious. This is a Cold War. I & # 39 m, not spying.. This is criminal.. You know everything about me.. You know my likes my dislikes, my crushes my friends.. What you look like naked., What Well don & # 39 t, send a nude in the DMs. You don't have to see it. This is insane. I'm done. I'm done using this. I don't have it.. I'm deleting it. Here we go. Wait, wait and wait. Wait! Wait.! I understand. It's not fair. It is your decision. You have the right to choose. What about me? I know it's strange, but I do understand. It's not a good question, but I do know that it is. Okay. This one. It & # 39 s, a good one, isn & # 39 t it And then look at the next one. Then look at the next one.. It is. Is it not gross? I can & # 39 t look away, but it & # 39 s, so gross. ( sucking in ). Why do I have it to swallow like this? Oh my gosh. Is it a cyst? Oh, I meant that I checked., I wan to see how my ex-partner is doing. Lots of likes on my last post., Oh shit, I & # 39 m back at the shopping page.. Oh those are cute overalls.. I'm thinking. It may be a good idea for us all to get off our phones and learn something new. And with today & # 39 s, sponsor Skillshare, you can do just that. No matter what skill level you are at, there are thousands of courses that can help you. While I don't have the eye to do it well, I would love to. Image Rocket Insta Downloader &# 39's Great Graphic Design course proved to be extremely helpful. You will learn all about color, texture, and font. It's so easy to play with my own designs, and create something beautiful. Here is my deal. I will give it to the first 1000 people that click. Click the link to get a free Skillshare Premium membership.. I & # 39 m sure. There are many courses available. A huge thank you to Skillshare who has been a supporter for this channel. Thank you very much for watching.