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"Sporting a variety of looks, designed for a playful young man, this Moschino lookbook alternates fluid and deconstructed jackets with more lively styles, sporting an irreverent way to superimpose colors, textures and patterns. Decked out in a young wardrobe that loves to play with a large palette of colors, Moschino dons unexpected color combinations, mixing vitaminic hues with optical white, sandy neutrals, army-green, ocean blue tones or more delicate pastel nuances." This selection of the look book is perfect for casual gatherings and night wear. Here is a link to the clothing:
I think 1, 3, and 4 are my favorites. The rest I'm not a huge fan of..@styleisking
There are definitely some keeps and some not-so-keepers in this collection by Moschino
To be completely honest, it looks like the first guy is picking a wedgie
LOLOL, so true. Now I can't unsee the wedgie pick..@pipeline