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The Division seems like a really interesting change of pace on the modern-shooter genre. It seems to be open world, MMORGP, third-person-shooter, mish-mosh of genres that could collide into something beautifully brilliant. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if it failed miserably. If Ubisoft expects its player base to really communicate and coordinate to the level they show in the trailer then they might have trouble growing a dedicated player base that is needed for that type of strategy. Also, let's not forget Ubisoft's latest release, Watch_Dogs. Yes, the game is a load of fun, but the graphics were dumbed down A LOT after teasers were shown from E3 though Christmas 2013. The Division looks fantastic as of right now, but seeing as both Watch_Dogs and The Division were debuted at E3 2013, I am very skeptical about graphics quality on the next generation consoles.
@pipeline Let's hope they don't dumb them down before the release! It happened with the last Ubi game -_-
These graphics are rad!
The graphics won't make or break the game for me. I mean, I'm a huge fan of this style of combat shooter so if they at least get the gameplay right I'm in
@hunahuna I wish I could think about that, but I just can't! Lol
if this looks and plays as amazing as it seems it might, they can count me in. but like you said, if the graphics get dumbed down they can count me out.