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Why you should choose VPS hosting

What to do if the project does not have enough capacity, which it offers virtual hosting, and the budget does not allow to rent a physical hosting server? If the traffic is overloaded when using shared hosting, users are faced with long loading time of the site, inaccessibility of the page. A great way out of this situation - VPS.

This virtual dedicated server. Its essence is that dedicated with the help of special software is divided into a number of servers with the level of root access (he gives all the rights of the administrator) and a fully independent control system. This type of hosting combines the power of a physical dedicated server, flexibility and ease of interaction. Rate plans offer a guaranteed minimum of system resources. Their volume can be increased for an additional fee.

VPS is chosen by those people who want to operate a dedicated server on their own. It is important for them to be able to customize it to the demands of the users. An organization which uses VPS aims to have its own space on the Internet where an unlimited number of sites, databases and mailboxes can be placed.

Virtual Hosting vs. VPS

Many people face problems when choosing between shared hosting and VPS. It is worth taking a closer look at these types of hosting and comparing them with each other.

Virtual hosting - this is the most common and cheapest type of such services. To manage do not need special skills and knowledge. Service is fully on the shoulders of the hoster. An important task of technical support - load control. This type of hosting is suitable for small companies and individuals. The main disadvantage - a fixed list of applicable software and its settings. This is all determined by the administration of the site.

The client, who rents a windows VPS, sees it remotely and can configure his system individually. He has full access to the OS. He can customize functions, install and delete any files. Web hosting can not boast of such freedom of action. To manage and administer there are special programs such as Plesk.

It is worth noting that VPS - a personal virtual server, which has the advantages of a physical. Comparing the proposals of providers, it is easy to see that the cost of VPS is higher than the price of web hosting. This is due to the amount of resources offered - VPS has more opportunities for professional support sites. In addition, these resources are guaranteed - not shared among other users of the same server, as the client rents a virtual server itself. In the case of hosting the situation is the opposite - the resources are shared by all customers of the provider, hosted on the same server, which imposes restrictions, although it is cheaper.

It is also worth noting that the difference between VPS and shared hosting - the functionality: if the web-hosting user manages the sites with a special control panel offered by the chosen provider, the VPS allows you to install on a virtual server software, which will be comfortable to work with. This is a cost-effective and convenient solution for uninterrupted work of the sites.

Advantages of VPS hosting

VPS is between a dedicated physical server and standard shared hosting. In terms of capabilities it is close to the first type, and the price is not much higher than the second.

In addition to these two advantages it is worth noting a high degree of availability of services in the case of equipment failure or software failure.

Servers are constantly monitored by hoster and information of VPS-servers is backed up on special media (disk arrays).

Economy. The cost of hosting services is one of the main factors which influences a person's choice. VPS offers users enough freedom, and the price of tariffs is not much higher than the web hosting. To upgrade, it is enough to change the tariff or add performance for a certain price.

A high degree of security and protection. In case of a hardware failure, it is enough to simply transfer the data to another machine.

Performance. A user's site receives all the resources necessary for stable operation. There are no limitations. Some providers allow their customers to rent out unspent resources.

It is possible to give a dedicated IP address to each site.

Another important advantage is the ability to quickly change settings. The owner has the rights of an administrator. Creating a VPS takes only a few minutes, as opposed to hosting or renting a server.

On the market there are a large number of hosts, which offer potential customers VPS. There are areas which specialize only on this type of hosting. To make a choice, to learn about the pros and cons of a particular organization, it is best to use special ratings.