Is your Epson Printer showing an error code of 0х97?

You must be wondering why this problem arises during the printing process. Continue reading this blog as we discuss more this problem.
Epson printers are widely used all over the world due to their great performance and print quality. These models being much in use have their own share of technical and mechanical flaws which need to be treated immediately. In this blog, we will look at the Epson Printer Error Code 0х97, its causes, and its solutions.

Symptoms of Epson Printer Error Code 0х97
The Epson Printer Error Code 0х97 occurs when the printer has been used for a long time. It doesn't give any warning or a sign before it occurs and when it does, it permanently shuts down the printer. You will not be able to use the printer no matter how hard you try until you get this problem fixed. The error will show up on the indicator screen with the notice to turn the printer off and on again.

What causes Epson Error Code 0х97?
Whenever there is a problem with the printer’s internal hardware, it causes the Epson Error Code 0х97. The printer’s motherboard could cause this error or when some other internal part malfunctions.

How to fix Epson Error Code 0х97?
1. Use Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter
Use this troubleshooter tool from Microsoft to solve the problem. It may require you to unplug the printer. Follow the instructions after running the troubleshooter.

2. Unplug and plug-in again
When the Epson error 0х97 occurs, the first thing it requires is that the printer should be unplugged and then plugged in. Unplug and detach all USB cables attached to the printer. Open the printer case and clear any jammed papers. Remove the printer cartridges and show down your computer/laptop. After a while, reconnect all USB cables to the printer and connect it to the PC. Turn it on and check if it now works properly.

3. Clean the printer
Sometimes, the Epson Error Code 0х97 occurs due to the accumulated dust in the printer and its sensitive areas. If the printer is dirty, it won’t work efficiently. Check also for waste ink around the head sprayer and paper particles in the printer.
You can take a moist tissue and clean the mechanic pad and other sensitive areas of the printer. Keep in mind to switch off the printer and unplug it from all cables before you do so. Once the cleaning up process is done, wait for some 15-20 minutes and restart the printer.

4. Update Drivers
The drivers used in your printer might be outdated hence, causing this error in your Epson printer. You can visit your printer’s manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your printer model. After downloading, install them and check if the problem still persists. You can take the help of third-party tools to download the drivers.

5. Get in touch with a hardware specialist
If your printer is still under warranty, then you can contact the customer support of the company and request that a hardware specialist deals with it. Usually, the charges are high but if it's well under the warranty period, it may be done at an affordable rate. If you are able to under the warranty, you can ask for a replacement for the same.

Since the Epson Printer Error Code 0х97 is a hardware malfunction error, it will end up in making the printer non-operational. You can request the company to replace it with a new one if the warranty is still valid. However, if you have been using this Epson printer for a long time, then this is your sign to upgrade to a new one!

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QUESTION 336 You plan to use Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Cloud App Security. You need to connect Cloud App Security to Azure Sentinel. What should you do in the Cloud App Security admin center? A.From Automatic log upload, add a log collector. B.From Automatic log upload, add a data source. C.From Connected apps, add an app connector. D.From Security extension, add a SIEM agent. Answer: D QUESTION 337 You have a Microsoft 365 E5 tenant. You need to evaluate the tenant based on the standard industry regulations require that the tenant comply with the ISO 27001 standard. What should you do? A.From Policy in the Azure portal, select Compliance, and then assign a pokey B.From Compliance Manager, create an assessment C.From the Microsoft J6i compliance center, create an audit retention pokey. D.From the Microsoft 365 admin center enable the Productivity Score. Answer: B QUESTION 338 You have a Microsoft 365 E5 tenant that has sensitivity label support enabled for Microsoft and SharePoint Online. You need to enable unified labeling for Microsoft 365 groups. Which cmdlet should you run? A.set-unifiedGroup B.Set-Labelpolicy C.Execute-AzureAdLebelSync D.Add-UnifiedGroupLinks Answer: B QUESTION 339 You have a Microsoft 365 E5 tenant. You configure sensitivity labels. Users report that the Sensitivity button is unavailability in Microsoft Word for the web. The sensitivity button is available in Word for Microsoft 365. You need to ensure that the users can apply the sensitivity labels when they use Word for the web. What should you do? A.Copy policies from Azure information Protection to the Microsoft 365 Compliance center B.Publish the sensitivity labels. C.Create an auto-labeling policy D.Enable sensitivity labels for files in Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Answer: B QUESTION 340 You have a Microsoft 365 E5 tenant. 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Important Key Points of Social Media Marketing
While looking out for the SMM service expert team you are bound to reach social media marketing experts. SMM is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and relevant customers. SMM is a form of online marketing that includes creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and advertising objectives. The activities like text posting and image-videos uploads, and other content that drives people’s engagement, as well as paid social media advertising involves in Social Media Marketing. The five fundamental pillars of Social Media Marketing Strategy. First of all, when you start creating social media marketing campaigns; define the objectives of your business. Whenever you creating a social media marketing campaign with no social strategy that is like wasting your efforts without the right direction. Planning and Publishing. Plan your campaign objectives in such a way, there is a high chance of getting your goals, Then publishing on social media is as simple as sharing a blog post, an image, or a video on a social media platform. Also, to ensure that you are maximizing your reach on social media, you need to publish great content that your audience likes, at the right timing and frequency. Listening and Engagement. As your business and social media continue to grow, conversations about your brand will also increase. Persons will comment on your social media posts, tag you in their social media posts, or send you a message directly. People could even talk about your brand on social media without letting you know. So you’re going to want to monitor your brand’s social media conversations. Analytics. Whether you are publishing content or engaging in social media, you should know how your social media marketing works in real-time. Track the reachability of people on social media monthly. The social media platforms themselves provide a basic level of this information. You can use the wide range of social media analytics tools available, such as hoot suite, to obtain more in-depth analytics information or to compare easily across social media platforms. Advertising. Today Social media advertising platforms are so powerful that you can determine exactly who to display your ads online. You can create target audiences based on their demographics, interests, behavior, and more. Endnote: When you run multiple social media advertising campaigns at once, you can consider making bulk changes, automating processes, and optimizing your ads using a social media advertising tool.
What COVID-19 Impacted on Cleaning Robot in Semiconductors & Electronics Industry ?
Impact of COVID-19 on Cleaning Robot in Semiconductors & Electronics Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE MARKET The pandemic started with its epicenter in China in 2019 and has been continuously spreading by then to all over the world, so far 216 countries and territories have been affected with Covid-19, the U.S. being on the top with cases reaching about 4.38 million, followed by Brazil, India and then by many European countries such as Russia, Spain, Italy, and others. The COVID-19 cases reaching to the big named countries with strong dominance in the global market which has adversely affected the economy globally. The spread of the coronavirus has led to the global recession, many companies are being bound to take stringent actions of laying off their employees, small businesses are being shut, and manufacturing facilities are being put on hold. There has been a disruption in the supply chain of many industries due to restrictions in logistics and the closing of manufacturing facilities. In addition, the slowdown in the economy has lowered the spending capability of individuals and people are saving money for emergencies. However, now almost in every country, the factories are started to reopen by taking some prevention such as 20% -50% employees on the field, social distancing, extreme hygiene measures, and others to support the economy. It is supporting the economy and helping to lower the recession rate at a certain level. COVID-19 highly impacted the personal and domestic cleaning robots market due to the recession gripping the world and a decline in disposable income, the demand for personal and domestic robots declined. Also, the behavior of the individuals has certainly changed in the pandemic, people are now more concerned about their health and spending for future use due to incurred losses which lead to a decrease in the sale of cleaning robots. However, cleaning robots have a huge demand in the healthcare sector. During the time of social distancing, hospitals are demanding mobile robots integrated with UV-C light disinfection equipment to sanitize the wards and rooms to minimize any physical contact. For instance, In June 2020, According to the founder and chairman of Milagrow Robots, there has been a huge surge in demand for floor and window cleaning robots. The total sale is expected to be 300,000 to 400,000 cleaning robots in 2020 when compared to 10,000 cleaning robots in 2019. STEPS TAKEN BY MANUFACTURERS DURING COVID-19 SITUATION As the COVID-19 crisis continues to expand, makers would possibly face challenges on varied fronts. Producing firms would be searching for immediate measures to stay their workforces safe and their businesses solvent. Makers would conjointly have to be compelled to look on the far side of their economic viability. Because the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, makers would possibly face continued downward pressure on demand, production, and revenues. They would continuously face cash-flow liquidity challenges and difficulties in managing debt obligations. In December 2020, LG Electronics announced the launch of the autonomous robot with disinfecting UV light for various B2B applications. This robot uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas and is designed for hospitality, education, corporate, retail, restaurant, and transportation customers to reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and germs The pandemic may drive the enhancement of automation, digitalization, and artificial intelligence (AI) in almost all sectors. In a situation like social distancing automation and robotics could reduce dependence on human labor and increase productivity, preventing the chances of losses. The pandemic has boosted the growth of healthcare industries. As people need to maintain physical distancing, manufacturers can gain the advantage of this norm to address the mass public in hospitals and crowded places. Manufacturers were engaged in product development with advanced technologies, partnerships, and collaborations to gain a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, In January 2021, SAMSUNG announced the launch of new AI-powered robotic vacuum and laundry products. The new JetBot 90 AI+ features smart technologies that optimize the cleaning route and respond to its environment. The JetBot 90 AI+ is the world’s first smart robotic vacuum that helps to automate home cleaning in these Covid times IMPACT ON DEMAND The behavior of the individuals has certainly changed in the pandemic, people are now more concerned about their health. The government is also working on research and development to develop a vaccine and avoid any further pandemic as such. The government is using augmented and virtual reality for the known disasters which can help in reducing the effects of the disaster. The pandemic has boosted the digital transformation of industries, companies are focusing more on a digital platform to interact with their clients and customers. The pandemic has brought a huge demand for cleaning robots to ensure safety as COVID-19 has put cleaning and disinfection front and center in facility maintenance and at other places. Huge adoption of technology, automation, and smart buildings is gradually increasing the scope of growth for the cleaning robot market. IMPACT ON SUPPLY CHAIN The pandemic has brought a huge impact on the supply chain of the cleaning robot market. The logistics and transportation of assets deteriorated a lot. The supply chain was adversely affected as the lockdown prevailed in many regions globally, the government has limited the workers. Companies are making their operations work according to the government regulations by making limited workers work in different shifts. The supply chain is experiencing disruption in Chinese parts exports, large-scale manufacturing interruptions across Europe, and the closure of assembly plants in the U.S. The manufacturers were facing a shortage of raw material, shifting of production to other countries, liquidity crunch to delays in availability of models, and deferred launches. However, now there is an improvement in the supply chain as most of the facilities and travel restrictions have opened and working in most optimum capacity. CONCLUSION As the Covid-19 prevails the cleaning robot market has witnessed a gradual increase in the demand for cleaning robots and services. Most of the manufacturing facilities were closed bringing down the production of cleaning robots which leads to disruption in the supply chain. However, as the markets are getting digitally transformed and people are being more reliable on digital sources the market seems to be growing. Organizations operating under this market were building up new strategies to maintain all the safety measures at facilities and focusing on technological up-gradation to boost the growth of the market. Even after the pandemic automation of industries will continue to increase which acts as a major driver for the market. Growing demand from the healthcare, media & entertainment, and retail sector will act as a major boosting factor for the growth of the market in this pandemic.
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[September-2021]Braindump2go New AZ-900 PDF and VCE Dumps Free Share(Q294-Q306)
QUESTION 294 What should you use to evaluate whether your company's Azure environment meets regulatory requirements? A.Azure Security Center B.Azure Advisor C.Azure Service Health D.Azure Knowledge Center Answer: A QUESTION 295 You have an azure virtual machine named VM1. You plan to encrypt VM1 by using Azure Disk Encryption. Which Azure resource must you create first? A.An Azure Storage account B.An Azure Information Protection policy C.An Encryption Key D.An Azure Key Vault Answer: D QUESTION 296 You need to be notified when Microsoft plans to perform maintenance that can affect the resources deployed to an Azure subscription. What should you use? A.Azure Monitor B.Azure Service Health C.Azure Advisor D.Microsoft Trust Center Answer: B QUESTION 297 What can you use to identify underutilized or unused Azure virtual machines? A.Azure Advisor B.Azure Cost Management + Billing C.Azure reservations D.Azure Policy Answer: A QUESTION 298 Your company has an Azure subscription that contains resources in several regions. You need to ensure that administrators can only create resources in those regions. What should you use? A.a read-only lock Azure policy C.a management group D.a reservation Answer: B QUESTION 299 Your company has a Software Assurance agreement that includes Microsoft SQL Server licenses. You plan to deploy SQL Server on Azure virtual machines. What should you do to minimize licensing costs for the deployment? A.Deallocate the virtual machines during off hours. B.Use Azure Hybrid Benefit. C.Configure Azure Cost Management budgets. D.Use Azure reservations. Answer: B QUESTION 300 Who can use the Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator? A.billing readers for an Azure subscription only B.owners for an Azure subscription only C.anyone D.all users who have an account in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) that is linked to an Azure subscription only Answer: C QUESTION 301 Hotspot Question For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true, Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 302 Hotspot Question To complete the sentence, select the appropriate option in the answer area. Answer: QUESTION 303 Drag and Drop Question Match the term to the appropriate description. To answer, drag the appropriate term from the column on the left to its description on the right. Each term may be used once, more than once, or not at all. NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 304 Hotspot Question To complete the sentence, select the appropriate option in the answer area. Answer: QUESTION 305 Hotspot Question For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true, Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 306 Drag and Drop Question Match the cloud computing benefits to the correct descriptions. To answer, drag the appropriate service from the column on the left to its description on the right. Each service may be used once, more than once, or not at all. NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point Answer: 2021 Latest Braindump2go AZ-900 PDF and AZ-900 VCE Dumps Free Share:
Riveting Productivity & Time Tracking Tools
Employees and managers use productivity & time tracking tools to keep track of working hours for payroll, billing, and other activities. These tools allow the enterprises to estimate budgets, better productivity and ensure transparency and accuracy by notifying them about time-consuming and costly tasks through the dashboards. There is a steep rise in employee productivity monitoring software tools, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak when companies need to oversee better and evaluate the remote workforce. Market Growth As per Introspective Market Research, the global time tracking software market is expected to reach USD 1785.36 billion by 2026 from USD 425.32 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 22.36%. Need of Employee Time tracking software Many companies are still using conventional paper timesheets for time tracking, due to which buddy punching and time theft are major concerns in such organizations. Almost 75–80% of businesses are affected by time theft, due to which companies are shifting towards the online automatic time tracker app and tools. As per statistics, on average, employees spend nearly 2 hours per day overcoming distractions at work, and approximately 90% admit to wasting the time of an organization. Time tracking tools remove the risks of time theft and buddy punching, thus contributing to better employee productivity and enhancing employee performance and engagement. But it is not a simple task to select the best tracking tool from the different tools available in the market. Check the complete list below - 1. WorkStatus WorkStatus is an online time tracking tool that provides an excellent medium for individuals and organizations to enhance employees’ productivity. It majorly focuses on delivering reliable & secure solutions that enable customers to focus on their core business objectives. Let’s have a look at some of its features below- · It gives you AI-powered time tracking with online timesheets · Track real-time progress with employee monitoring software · It allows you to create Geofences with a GPS time tracker · It enables you to define budgets with project budgeting 2. Hubstaff Hubstaff is another excellent productivity monitoring and control tool designed to improve time management for staff. It has dedicated web, mobile, and desktop apps that can be used to monitor invoicing, appraisals, and attendance via a single platform. Let’s have a look at some of its features below- · It has a compliance management module · It shows the browsing history of employees · Idle time monitoring & activity tracking · Automatic time capture 3. Time Doctor Time Doctor is a perfect application for hybrid work models and distributed teams. It can be easily deployed through cloud, desktop, and mobile apps. It comes with a robust support team that gives live training via documentation and videos. In this way, it helps companies to boost their productivity. Let’s find its unique features below- · Calendar management & browsing history · Invoicing & billing management module · It allows you to manage billable & non-billable hours · Automated time capture Conclusion We are now on the same platform to understand that time management tools at work can effectively boost a team’s overall productivity and streamline the payroll process. It is now self-explanatory to realize the worth of productivity monitoring tool and the need to implement the same in businesses and organizations. Sign up for the online time tracking software here. Read More : 8 Riveting Productivity & Time Tracking Tools
[September-2021]Braindump2go New 312-50v11 PDF and VCE Dumps Free Share(Q946-Q976)
QUESTION 946 Geena, a cloud architect, uses a master component in the Kubernetes cluster architecture that scans newly generated pods and allocates a node to them. This component can also assign nodes based on factors such as the overall resource requirement, data locality, software/hardware/policy restrictions, and internal workload interventions. Which of the following master components is explained in the above scenario? A.Kube-controller-manager B.Kube-scheduler C.Kube-apiserver D.Etcd cluster Answer: B QUESTION 947 _________ is a type of phishing that targets high-profile executives such as CEOs, CFOs, politicians, and celebrities who have access to confidential and highly valuable information. A.Spear phishing B.Whaling C.Vishing D.Phishing Answer: B QUESTION 948 Peter, a system administrator working at a reputed IT firm, decided to work from his home and login remotely. Later, he anticipated that the remote connection could be exposed to session hijacking. To curb this possibility, he implemented a technique that creates a safe and encrypted tunnel over a public network to securely send and receive sensitive information and prevent hackers from decrypting the data flow between the endpoints. What is the technique followed by Peter to send files securely through a remote connection? A.DMZ B.SMB signing C.VPN D.Switch network Answer: C QUESTION 949 An attacker can employ many methods to perform social engineering against unsuspecting employees, including scareware. What is the best example of a scareware attack? A.A pop-up appears to a user stating, "You have won a free cruise! Click here to claim your prize!" B.A banner appears to a user stating, "Your account has been locked. Click here to reset your password and unlock your account." C.A banner appears to a user stating, "Your Amazon order has been delayed. Click here to find out your new delivery date." D.A pop-up appears to a user stating, "Your computer may have been infected with spyware. Click here to install an anti-spyware tool to resolve this issue." Answer: D QUESTION 950 Bill has been hired as a penetration tester and cyber security auditor for a major credit card company. Which information security standard is most applicable to his role? A.FISMA B.HITECH C.PCI-DSS D.Sarbanes-OxleyAct Answer: C QUESTION 951 Tony wants to integrate a 128-bit symmetric block cipher with key sizes of 128,192, or 256 bits into a software program, which involves 32 rounds of computational operations that include substitution and permutation operations on four 32-bit word blocks using 8-variable S-boxes with 4-bit entry and 4-bit exit. Which of the following algorithms includes all the above features and can be integrated by Tony into the software program? A.TEA B.CAST-128 C.RC5 D.serpent Answer: D QUESTION 952 Morris, an attacker, wanted to check whether the target AP is in a locked state. He attempted using different utilities to identify WPS-enabled APs in the target wireless network. Ultimately, he succeeded with one special command-line utility. Which of the following command-line utilities allowed Morris to discover the WPS-enabled APs? A.wash B.ntptrace C.macof View Answer: A QUESTION 953 What type of virus is most likely to remain undetected by antivirus software? A.Cavity virus B.Stealth virus C.File-extension virus D.Macro virus Answer: B QUESTION 954 Ben purchased a new smartphone and received some updates on it through the OTA method. He received two messages: one with a PIN from the network operator and another asking him to enter the PIN received from the operator. As soon as he entered the PIN, the smartphone started functioning in an abnormal manner. What is the type of attack performed on Ben in the above scenario? A.Advanced SMS phishing B.Bypass SSL pinning C.Phishing D.Tap 'n ghost attack Answer: A QUESTION 955 Jack, a professional hacker, targets an organization and performs vulnerability scanning on the target web server to identify any possible weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. In this process, Jack uses an automated tool that eases his work and performs vulnerability scanning to find hosts, services, and other vulnerabilities in the target server. Which of the following tools is used by Jack to perform vulnerability scanning? A.Infoga B.WebCopier Pro C.Netsparker D.NCollector Studio Answer: C QUESTION 956 Stephen, an attacker, targeted the industrial control systems of an organization. He generated a fraudulent email with a malicious attachment and sent it to employees of the target organization. An employee who manages the sales software of the operational plant opened the fraudulent email and clicked on the malicious attachment. This resulted in the malicious attachment being downloaded and malware being injected into the sales software maintained in the victim's system. Further, the malware propagated itself to other networked systems, finally damaging the industrial automation components. What is the attack technique used by Stephen to damage the industrial systems? A.Spear-phishing attack B.SMishing attack C.Reconnaissance attack D.HMI-based attack Answer: A QUESTION 957 Shiela is an information security analyst working at HiTech Security Solutions. She is performing service version discovery using Nmap to obtain information about the running services and their versions on a target system. Which of the following Nmap options must she use to perform service version discovery on the target host? A.-SN B.-SX C.-sV D.-SF Answer: C QUESTION 958 Kate dropped her phone and subsequently encountered an issue with the phone's internal speaker. Thus, she is using the phone's loudspeaker for phone calls and other activities. Bob, an attacker, takes advantage of this vulnerability and secretly exploits the hardware of Kate's phone so that he can monitor the loudspeaker's output from data sources such as voice assistants, multimedia messages, and audio files by using a malicious app to breach speech privacy. What is the type of attack Bob performed on Kate in the above scenario? A.Man-in-the-disk attack B.aLTEr attack C.SIM card attack D.ASpearphone attack Answer: B QUESTION 959 Jude, a pen tester, examined a network from a hacker's perspective to identify exploits and vulnerabilities accessible to the outside world by using devices such as firewalls, routers, and servers. In this process, he also estimated the threat of network security attacks and determined the level of security of the corporate network. What is the type of vulnerability assessment that Jude performed on the organization? A.External assessment B.Passive assessment C.A Host-based assessment D.Application assessment Answer: C QUESTION 960 Roma is a member of a security team. She was tasked with protecting the internal network of an organization from imminent threats. To accomplish this task, Roma fed threat intelligence into the security devices in a digital format to block and identify inbound and outbound malicious traffic entering the organization's network. Which type of threat intelligence is used by Roma to secure the internal network? A.Technical threat intelligence B.Operational threat intelligence C.Tactical threat intelligence D.Strategic threat intelligence Answer: B QUESTION 961 Becky has been hired by a client from Dubai to perform a penetration test against one of their remote offices. Working from her location in Columbus, Ohio, Becky runs her usual reconnaissance scans to obtain basic information about their network. When analyzing the results of her Whois search, Becky notices that the IP was allocated to a location in Le Havre, France. Which regional Internet registry should Becky go to for detailed information? A.ARIN B.APNIC C.RIPE D.LACNIC Answer: C QUESTION 962 Joel, a professional hacker, targeted a company and identified the types of websites frequently visited by its employees. Using this information, he searched for possible loopholes in these websites and injected a malicious script that can redirect users from the web page and download malware onto a victim's machine. Joel waits for the victim to access the infected web application so as to compromise the victim's machine. Which of the following techniques is used by Joel in the above scenario? A.DNS rebinding attack B.Clickjacking attack C.MarioNet attack D.Watering hole attack Answer: B QUESTION 963 Juliet, a security researcher in an organization, was tasked with checking for the authenticity of images to be used in the organization's magazines. She used these images as a search query and tracked the original source and details of the images, which included photographs, profile pictures, and memes. Which of the following footprinting techniques did Rachel use to finish her task? A.Reverse image search B.Meta search engines C.Advanced image search D.Google advanced search Answer: C QUESTION 964 A security analyst uses Zenmap to perform an ICMP timestamp ping scan to acquire information related to the current time from the target host machine. Which of the following Zenmap options must the analyst use to perform the ICMP timestamp ping scan? A.-PY B.-PU C.-PP D.-Pn Answer: C QUESTION 965 Elante company has recently hired James as a penetration tester. He was tasked with performing enumeration on an organization's network. In the process of enumeration, James discovered a service that is accessible to external sources. This service runs directly on port 21. What is the service enumerated byjames in the above scenario? A.Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) B.File Transfer Protocol (FTP) C.Network File System (NFS) D.Remote procedure call (RPC) Answer: B QUESTION 966 Given below are different steps involved in the vulnerability-management life cycle. 1) Remediation 2) Identify assets and create a baseline 3) Verification 4) Monitor 5) Vulnerability scan 6) Risk assessment Identify the correct sequence of steps involved in vulnerability management. A.2-->5-->6-->1-->3-->4 B.2-->1-->5-->6-->4-->3 C.2-->4-->5-->3-->6--> 1 D.1-->2-->3-->4-->5-->6 Answer: A QUESTION 967 Tony is a penetration tester tasked with performing a penetration test. After gaining initial access to a target system, he finds a list of hashed passwords. Which of the following tools would not be useful for cracking the hashed passwords? A.John the Ripper B.Hashcat C.netcat D.THC-Hydra Answer: A QUESTION 968 Which Nmap switch helps evade IDS or firewalls? A.-n/-R B.-0N/-0X/-0G C.-T D.-D Answer: D QUESTION 969 Harper, a software engineer, is developing an email application. To ensure the confidentiality of email messages. Harper uses a symmetric-key block cipher having a classical 12- or 16-round Feistel network with a block size of 64 bits for encryption, which includes large 8 x 32-bit S-boxes (S1, S2, S3, S4) based on bent functions, modular addition and subtraction, key-dependent rotation, and XOR operations. This cipher also uses a masking key(Km1)and a rotation key (Kr1) for performing its functions. What is the algorithm employed by Harper to secure the email messages? A.CAST-128 B.AES C.GOST block cipher D.DES Answer: C QUESTION 970 Which of the following Google advanced search operators helps an attacker in gathering information about websites that are similar to a specified target URL? A.[inurl:] B.[related:] C.[info:] D.[site:] Answer: D QUESTION 971 The security team of Debry Inc. decided to upgrade Wi-Fi security to thwart attacks such as dictionary attacks and key recovery attacks. For this purpose, the security team started implementing cutting-edge technology that uses a modern key establishment protocol called the simultaneous authentication of equals (SAE), also known as dragonfly key exchange, which replaces the PSK concept. What is the Wi-Fi encryption technology implemented by Debry Inc.? A.WEP B.WPA C.WPA2 D.WPA3 Answer: C QUESTION 972 Stella, a professional hacker, performs an attack on web services by exploiting a vulnerability that provides additional routing information in the SOAP header to support asynchronous communication. This further allows the transmission of web-service requests and response messages using different TCP connections. Which of the following attack techniques is used by Stella to compromise the web services? A.XML injection B.WS-Address spoofing C.SOAPAction spoofing D.Web services parsing attacks Answer: B QUESTION 973 James is working as an ethical hacker at Technix Solutions. The management ordered James to discover how vulnerable its network is towards footprinting attacks. James took the help of an open- source framework for performing automated reconnaissance activities. This framework helped James in gathering information using free tools and resources. What is the framework used by James to conduct footprinting and reconnaissance activities? A.WebSploit Framework B.Browser Exploitation Framework C.OSINT framework D.SpeedPhish Framework Answer: C QUESTION 974 Thomas, a cloud security professional, is performing security assessment on cloud services to identify any loopholes. He detects a vulnerability in a bare-metal cloud server that can enable hackers to implant malicious backdoors in its firmware. He also identified that an installed backdoor can persist even if the server is reallocated to new clients or businesses that use it as an laaS. What is the type of cloud attack that can be performed by exploiting the vulnerability discussed in the above scenario? A.Man-in-the-cloud (MITC) attack B.Cloud cryptojacking C.Cloudborne attack D.Metadata spoofing attack Answer: C QUESTION 975 Which among the following is the best example of the third step (delivery) in the cyber kill chain? A.An intruder sends a malicious attachment via email to a target. B.An intruder creates malware to be used as a malicious attachment to an email. C.An intruder's malware is triggered when a target opens a malicious email attachment. D.An intruder's malware is installed on a target's machine. Answer: C QUESTION 976 Dayn, an attacker, wanted to detect if any honeypots are installed in a target network. For this purpose, he used a time-based TCP fingerprinting method to validate the response to a normal computer and the response of a honeypot to a manual SYN request. Which of the following techniques is employed by Dayn to detect honeypots? A.Detecting honeypots running on VMware B.Detecting the presence of Honeyd honeypots C.A Detecting the presence of Snort_inline honeypots D.Detecting the presence of Sebek-based honeypots Answer: C 2021 Latest Braindump2go 312-50v11 PDF and 312-50v11 VCE Dumps Free Share:
Tìm hiểu giấy Bristol là gì?
>> Bài viết được tham khảo chi tiết tại: Sự lựa chọn hàng đầu của những thương hiệu cao cấp khi in hộp giấy, túi giấy, danh thiếp,… là loại giấy bristol. Đây chính là dòng giấy dùng để in ấn cao cấp đa dạng nhất trên thị trường hiện tại. Giấy trong ngành in thật sự nhiều loại và rất khó để phân biệt so với những người không chuyên môn có trình độ. Không xác định được loại giấy bạn sẽ gặp không hề ít khó khăn trong những công việc cung cấp được sản phẩm đẹp & ưng ý. Chính bởi, bài viết này của inanhopgiay sẽ giúp bạn tìm hiểu giấy Bristol là gì, cũng như những ứng dụng của giấy bristol. Giấy Bristol là gì? Thuật ngữ giấy bristol đề cập đến loại giấy gồm nhiều lớp giấy được dán lại với nhau dưới áp lực để tạo nên độ cứng cũng như độ dày của giấy. Khả năng bám mực của giấy phải nói là cực tốt. Đây là loại giấy đắt tiền vì khá nhiều điểm hay của nó. >> Bạn có biết: Chất lượng khi in decal nhanh giá rẻ lệ thuộc vào điều gì? Đặc điểm của giấy Bristol là gì? Giấy bristol là loại giấy bìa không được tráng phủ ngoài ra hai mặt được tráng trắng, láng mịn để cho đạt hiệu quả cao nhất. Chúng được cung cấp bằng cách ép những lớp giấy mỏng lại với nhau dưới lực nén để tăng độ cứng, song song đó độ dày của tấm giấy lên. Với độ dày từ 0,15 mm trở lên, đây là chất liệu giấy cao cấp với đặc tính dày, xốp & hơi bóng, mịn. Ưu điểm của loại giấy này là khả năng bám mực vừa đủ, nên chất lượng in đẹp. Nhìn bằng mắt thường thì chúng trông có vẻ giống với giấy bristol matt, thế nhưng bristol luôn luôn mang trọng lượng nặng hơn & dày dặn hơn. Chính bởi, giấy có định lượng hay được sử dụng ở mức 230 – 350g/m2. >> Xem thêm bài viết: Tư vấn chọn máy cắt bế decal Giấy bristol cao cấp hơn chất liệu couche. Cho nên chúng thường được dành sự ưu tiên cho các sản phẩm cao cấp. Một loại giấy khác cũng giống như loại giấy này là giấy ivory. Trong khi đó, điểm khác nhau của chúng là giấy ivory sẽ có được một mặt sần sùi. Nhưng nhắc tới giấy bristol sẽ là thiếu sót nếu không nhắc tới khả năng bám mực cực tốt của nó. Loại giấy này luôn luôn cho thành phẩm đạt chất lượng in cao nhất, đặc biệt là in Offset. Bên cạnh điều đó, nếu muốn in laser, in phun, in lụa, ép kim ép nhũ, dập nổi, ép lõm,… thì giấy cũng có thể giải quyết được. Vì các đặc tính trên, nên giấy tương thích làm giấy dùng để in catalogue, giấy dùng để in ấn menu, thiệp cưới, tờ rơi, brochure, poster, danh thiếp, bìa sơ mi, hộp đựng mẫu sản phẩm, thiệp mời,… Những loại giấy bristol thường xuyên được sử dụng hiện nay Vì độ tiện dụng & thông dụng song song đó cho ra các dòng sản phẩm chất lượng mà giấy bristol càng ngày càng chiếm lĩnh trên thị trường in ấn. Thường giấy được chia làm hai loại để đa dạng sự lựa chọn: Loại có bề mặt láng mịn tương xứng cho bút viết & mực in Loại có bề mặt sần tương thích cho bút chì và phấn. Ưu điểm của giấy Bristol là gì? Bề mặt láng mịn cho hiệu ứng in ấn ấn tượng tuyệt vời, khiến cho sản phẩm của bạn thêm phần đẹp và sắc nét. Nhiều mức độ định lượng, từ định lượng mỏng như 230gsm đến các định lượng dày hơn như 300gsm,… phục vụ được mọi yêu cầu trong in ấn. Dày dặn & chắc hẳn, độ bền bỉ cao. Phù hợp được với nhiều dòng máy in phun màu & phù hợp với nhiều loại mực in khác nhau để bản in hình thành ấn tượng từng chi tiết. Tính ứng dụng cao làm ra được nhiều dòng sản phẩm. Ứng dụng của giấy Bristol là gì? Giấy bristol loại mỏng có thể dùng để in tờ rơi, brochure cho hình ảnh dễ dàng đọc. Loại giấy này thường được dùng nhiều nhất để làm hộp giấy và túi giấy, cho ra các dòng sản phẩm bền bỉ với thời gian. Túi giấy bristol luôn là lựa chọn hàng đầu của các đơn vị thương hiệu doanh nghiệp cao cấp vì độ sang trọng của nó. Hộp giấy bristol thì mang thật nhiều sắc tố, màu sắc sinh động, thích mắt. Vì độ cao cấp của chất liệu, nên chúng hay sử dụng để chứa đựng trang sức, chứa đựng đồng hồ hay mỹ phẩm cao cấp,… Ngoài ra, giấy bristol còn được dùng vào làm túi giấy chứa đựng thực phẩm vì độ thấm hút ẩm của nó. Có thể thiết kế mẫu mã thêm khóa zip để đựng những hạt, đậu nhỏ không bị tình trạng vương vãi. Giấy bristol cũng được ứng dụng nhiều làm thiệp mời, thiệp cưới vì dễ in nổi, in chìm 1 cách sang trọng. Tuy vậy, giấy bristol cũng được sử dụng trong in ấn xuất bản sách vở, tạp chí,… vì độ bám màu. Bên cạnh đó, giấy bristol còn được sử dụng làm giấy vẽ, giấy mỹ thuật, đồ án, báo cáo,… Trong bất kỳ ngành nghề nào từ kinh doanh và sản xuất, nhà hàng, du lịch, thời trang... Thì đơn vị kinh doanh cũng cần những ấn phẩm in ấn làm từ giấy bristol tối ưu, sang trọng để tạo niềm tin so với khách hàng hay đối tác chiến lược của công ty. Vậy nên, qua bài viết inanhopgiay mong muốn mang lại một cái nhìn tổng quan về giấy bristol là gì để bạn đọc có thể dễ dàng cân nhắc về chất lượng song song đó ngân sách chi tiêu. Ngoài ra, bạn có thể liên hệ để được tư vấn trực tiếp tại Đơn vị in ấn có kinh nghiệm lâu năm trong nghề như inanhopgiay để được tư vấn và chọn loại giấy phù hợp nhất với sản phẩm kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp bạn. Chi tiết liên hệ:
In menu rẻ đẹp trên từng chất liệu có những ưu nhược điểm gì?
>> Bài viết được tham khảo chi tiết tại: Trên thực tế, mỗi cơ sở kinh doanh nhà hàng, quán trà sữa, quán ăn đều sở hữu 1 chiếc menu với thiết kế kiểu dáng ưa nhìn và đựng nội dung riêng của bản thân mình. Vậy ý nghĩa của việc in menu rẻ đẹp có ý nghĩa như thế nào? Những chất liệu menu phổ biến trong kinh doanh lúc bấy giờ bao gồm những loại nào? Trong bài viết hôm nay, indecalnhua sẽ gợi ý đến bạn những thông tin chi tiết nhất về menu. Cùng theo dõi ngay nhé! Ý nghĩa của việc in menu rẻ đẹp hiện nay In menu giúp tiết kiệm ngân sách tối đa giá bán đầu tư Công cụ quảng bá thương hiệu kinh doanh hiệu quả Hỗ trợ và giúp cắt giảm nhân lực & tiết kiệm thời gian tư vấn cho thực khách Giúp phát triển trong phong cách phục vụ cho khách hàng >> Xem chi tiết bài viết: Tổng quan về kỹ thuật in nhanh Chất liệu áp dụng in menu rẻ đẹp Được làm từ nhiều nguyên vật liệu khác nhau, mỗi loại chất liệu giấy dùng in menu rẻ đẹp sẽ có các lợi thế & nhược điểm riêng. In menu nhựa rẻ đẹp Menu trong quán ăn hoặc quán cà phê thường được làm bằng chất liệu nhựa. Đây là 1 chất liệu in khá đa dạng so với những đặc điểm hiệu quả. Loại nhựa chủ yếu được dùng thông thường là nhựa PVC. Ưu điểm: In menu nhựa rẻ đẹp có độ bền cao, không bị tình trạng thấm ướt khi gặp nước. Bạn sẽ không gặp khó khăn đối với những vết dầu mỡ & bị bẩn bị dây lên đó. Với độ cứng sẵn có, menu nhựa để bàn sẽ khó bị biến dạng trong quá trình ứng dụng. Nhược điểm: mặt phẳng dễ dàng bị trầy xước. Sau quá trình dài sử dụng, chất lượng menu sẽ đi xuống nếu không được bảo vệ kỹ lưỡng. Giá in menu nhựa cũng khá cao. >> Xem thêm bài viết: 3 yếu tố khiến giấy kraft được tin dùng In menu da rẻ đẹp Để làm menu da thường sẽ sử dụng da nhân tạo hoặc da thiên nhiên. Phần lớn, quý khách sẽ lựa chọn da nhân tạo để nhận được giá tiền rẻ hơn. So với da thật thì menu da nhân tạo cũng tạo nên tính thẩm mỹ cao không hề thua kém da thật. Đây là nguyên vật liệu dùng để in menu bộc lộ được sự sang trọng, tinh tế. Ưu điểm: sử dụng da nhân tạo làm menu sẽ sở hữu được sự đa dạng trong chọn lựa sắc tố, màu sắc. Hơn nữa, quá trình vệ sinh và lau chùi cũng sẽ dễ hơn đối với da thật. Tuổi thọ sử dụng kha khá cao. menu da hay được sử dụng để in menu nhà hàng để nâng tầm sang trọng & lịch thiệp. Có thể kết hợp nhiều kỹ thuật in với menu da: in dập chìm, in nổi, … Nhược điểm: Thời gian bảo quản ngắn, không được để tiếp xúc với nước quá lâu hoặc những dạng chất lỏng khác sẽ làm cho tuổi thọ của menu bị sụt giảm đáng kể. In menu rẻ đẹp bằng chất liệu gỗ Cũng tương tự như menu da, menu làm bằng gỗ cũng luôn có hai sự chọn lựa giữa gỗ nhân tạo và gỗ thiên nhiên. Phổ biến hơn cả là gỗ nhân tạo với vân gỗ có tính thẩm mỹ cao đa dạng, tầm giá rẻ hơn nhiều so với gỗ tự nhiên. Ưu điểm: ứng dụng gỗ để in menu rẻ đẹp sẽ sở hữu độ bền lâu dài. Song song đó là việc vệ sinh cũng đơn điệu hơn. Menu gỗ có thể vận dụng được nhiều công nghệ khoa học in để menu trở thành sống động hơn. Bìa menu có tính thẩm mỹ cao và rất hợp với những không gian sang trọng. Nhược điểm: Giá in menu gỗ có chi phí cao hơn đối với các loại menu khác. Chỉ các địa điểm cao cấp & sang trọng sẽ in menu nhà hàng hoặc làm menu quán cà phê bằng gỗ. In menu rẻ đẹp bằng chất liệu giấy Menu bằng giấy được sử dụng nhiều & phổ biến nhất hiện tại. Có nhiều chất liệu giấy để chọn lựa như giấy Fort, giấy mỹ thuật hay giấy couche. Ứng dụng giấy để in menu mực in sẽ đẹp hơn, chất lượng bám mực tốt & có tương đối nhiều loại hoa văn khác biệt. Ưu điểm: mức giá trên menu món ăn có thể dễ dàng thay thế mà không mất quá nhiều chi phí. Có thể gia công thành phẩm khá đa dạng: Đóng lò xo, gập 3, … tương thích nhằm để in menu chi phí thấp cho KH. Đặc biệt, loại menu bằng giấy này có thể in nhanh lấy liền Nhược điểm: độ bền bỉ của giấy thấp, không có chức năng chống thấm ướt, dễ bị biến dạng và dễ dàng bị nhàu, … In menu bìa cứng rẻ đẹp Trên thực tế, loại bìa cứng hay sử dụng trong để in menu bìa cứng là loại bìa carton. Loại giấy carton này vốn có giá thành rẻ. Nếu bạn có yêu cầu liên tục phải thay đổi menu thì đây chính là loại menu cực kỳ thích hợp. Không những thế, loại menu bìa cứng thường chẳng thể sử dụng quá lâu. Do đó, chúng ta cần áp dụng thêm phương án ép plastic để tăng thời gian áp dụng Khi thiết kế mẫu mã menu rẻ đẹp cần lưu tâm những gì? Menu đẹp hay xấu, thiết kế mẫu mã thế nào ảnh hưởng rất lớn đến số món khách hàng chọn. Nhìn vào menu, người tiêu dùng sẽ gọi món nhiều hay ít nên cần tuân thủ nghiêm ngặt các quy tắc sau: Cách trình bày món đặc sản nổi tiếng của quán: Vị trí thường được người mua hàng ưu tiên nhất là góc tốt nhất bên phải. Tại đây, nên nơi trưng bày thế nào cho đẹp mắt & điểm nhấn các món đặc trưng của quán. Phân loại nhóm thức ăn: Phân loại nhóm thức ăn là vô cùng cần thiết với menu. Việc phân loại các món khai vị, món chính, món phụ, các loại rượu, nước,… giúp người tiêu dùng tiện dụng chọn lựa món ăn. Sử dụng hình minh họa bắt mắt: yếu tố quyết định việc người dùng lựa chọn là hình minh họa. Chọn hình minh họa tuyệt vời, điểm nổi bật, thích mắt sẽ hút khách chọn món nhiều hơn. Ngôn ngữ: Tùy vào đối tượng & mô hình quý khách mà bạn chọn ngôn ngữ cho phù hợp Nếu bạn muốn tìm một đơn vị in uy tín có thể đáp ứng đầy đủ những yêu cầu để in menu rẻ đẹp trên. Hãy để chúng tôi được chung tay trên bước đường thành công của bạn. Mọi thông tin chi tiết cụ thể như xin liên hệ đến công ty chúng tôi.
Best blogging niche for 2021 | Low competition and high search volume | Ultimate traffic
Best blogging niche for 2021 with low competition and high search volume. Get unlimited traffic directly to your website. Get highest level of traffic with very low amount of work and gain high profit. best blogging ideas Not All Blog Topics Have The Same Earning Power While it is exceptionally evident that you can blog about anything, it is additionally obvious that not all points have the equivalent procuring power. Therefore, if you will probably bring in cash, you need a theme that can do it. For instance, you might be keen on submerged bin weaving, however I can guarantee you that it has definitely less acquiring power than different themes. Nonetheless, picking the correct point to seek after isn't something that is not difficult to reply. Truth be told, it might simply be unthinkable on the grounds that what individuals look for changes step by step. 14 of the Best Blogging Niches to Make Money With14 of the Best Blogging Niches to Make Money With It is vital to understand that the most beneficial contributing to a blog specialties are continually evolving. Consequently, you might have the option to discover other blog specialty thoughts, yet this rundown ought to stay exact for quite a long time. 1. Making Money Everybody needs to bring in cash, accordingly it is just normal for a blog zeroed in on bringing in cash to be productive. Require a moment and think for what reason would you say you are understanding this? You are attempting to bring in cash with a blog. What's more, fortunately, there is an interminable measure of substance that can be delivered. Truth be told, there are countless points you can zero in on bringing in cash that are largely one of a kind enough to have separate web journals. For instance, a blog on the best way to bring in cash by publishing content to a blog is totally unique in relation to a blog on the best way to bring in cash in the securities exchange. Furthermore, fortunately individuals will consistently be searching for the following pyramid scheme and you can utilize it to make yourself "rich." 2. Diet & Fitness Just subsequent to bringing in cash, is remaining sound. Diets and wellness have stayed probably the most mainstream look on the web. What's more, the uplifting news for you is there is consistently another wellness craze to examine. Wellness web journals are an extraordinary decision since it has a ton of potential with regards to selling items and partner advertising. For instance, you could compose different web journals about running and bicycling. What's more, simultaneously, suggest some extraordinary frill like a pulse screen, water bottle, running shoes, and then some. Nonetheless, as the vast majority realize it isn't exactly what you do, yet in addition what you eat. Diets go connected at the hip with wellness sites and there are many alternatives to browse. As a substance maker, it's difficult to request a superior subject.3. Movie & TV Reviews movie and tv review And wouldn’t you know it, right after money and health, entertainment is next. Movie and TV reviews have had great success throughout the history of the internet, and there is always something new coming out. Thanks to the current streaming war, just about every service is delivering huge shows. In 2019, we saw the launch of The Witcher on Netflix and the Mandalorian on Disney+, which both generated millions of reviews for each. Being able to review the most popular shows is a great way to get traffic. However, it is very important to realize this is a crowded market. While you can do some really good numbers, you need to make it unique. 4. Fashion Everybody is continually hoping to jump onto the following design craze, and as a style blogger, you could be the individual that assists them with discovering it. Design websites can be run in various manners. One approach to move toward it is to flaunt your own style to set up yourself as a name in the design world. While this can require some serious energy, the prize toward the end merits the exertion. The other methodology is to attempt to cover an assortment of design styles and how to make every one work. In any case, style is a well known point and you can rake in boatloads of cash from it as a blog. 5. Politics Governmental issues will consistently stay at the center of attention, and there is breaking news each and every day that you can investigate. You don't have to zero in on the governmental issues of your own country. Truth be told, you may discover more achievement zeroing in on worldwide legislative issues. Pretty much all that occurs on a worldwide scale is a potential blog with regards to legislative issues. Obviously, you could attempt to zero in on one specific sort of information. For instance, maybe you truly need to feature how every administration is doing battle environmental change. The reality is you have a limitless measure of substance to make with ensured news consistently on the point. 6. Social Media Its an obvious fact that web-based media is well known, in any case, not every person realizes how to utilize it. From the grandmother who is utilizing Facebook interestingly to the entrepreneur hoping to make a business page, everybody is posing inquiries. In any case, it isn't even exactly how to utilize online media that is the unavoidable issue, it's the means by which to utilize it productively. While you may require a couple of pointers setting up a record and posting interestingly, it's quite simple. The critical step is really standing out enough to be noticed your posts merit, and that is an exceptionally huge crowd. There is a ton of space for development potential, content, and above all benefit with a blog zeroed in via online media. 7. Gaming News Video games have become the most prevailing type of diversion and keep on developing each year. Also, as you can likely envision, there is a ton of cash to be made in anything identified with them. Contributing to a blog about gaming news is a surefire approach to get a constant flow of snaps each day. The business is immense and there is breaking news consistently. Truth be told, at the present time might just be the best an ideal opportunity to hop in on the grounds that the up and coming age of consoles is close to the corner. Investigating each break, talk, trailer, meeting, and all the other things gaming-related permits you to make an interminable measure of substance.8. Cooking Cooking is a very wide subject. Preparing, barbecuing, homebrewing lager, are only a couple of the themes you could construct a whole blog around. Specifying the cooking cycle, decision of preparing and fixings you will require are all essential for a formula for progress. You could even make a blog about the historical backdrop of specific dishes or spotlight on social importance. Regardless, you won't discover a lack of substance thoughts here, however you will discover a great deal of achievement. Figuring out how to cook stays perhaps the most mainstream points on the web, and a cooking blog is an incredible method to focus on that crowd. 9. Weddings Wedding sites have truly been acquiring notoriety over the most recent couple of years, and there is a lot of time to make a name for your site. Picking a wedding dress, improvements, picking the ideal ring, and whatever else identified with the wedding is the ideal material for a blog. Fortunately, there are a large number of various wedding thoughts and styles to browse. Furthermore, as somebody suggesting these styles and thoughts, there is a lot of space for partner joins. Therefore, it is certainly quite possibly the most productive publishing content to a blog specialties accessible. read full article
Lý do nên in voucher giảm giá
>> Bài viết được tham khảo chi tiết tại: Lợi ích và lưu ý khi in voucher giảm giá Để có thể thu hút khách ngoài bỏ chi phí ra để quảng cáo thì áp dụng voucher giảm giá là một điều cần thiết. Với một thị trường nhộn nhịp như Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh nhu cầu in voucher giảm giá ngày càng tăng lên chóng mặt. Nếu bạn cũng đang có ý định áp dụng dịch vụ in ấn này, cùng với inhopmyphamdep chúng tôi tìm hiểu thông tin trong nội dung bài viết sau đây. Ưu nhược điểm khi in voucher giảm giá Ưu điểm Mức giá rẻ (do được cung cấp theo quy trình khép kín) Độ bền bỉ cao (được cán màng mờ 2 mặt) Chất lượng in sắc nét (theo file). Nhược điểm In ghép bài offset nên độ đều màu chỉ đạt mức 70-80% Độ đều màu ở hai mặt in ở mức độ tương đối. Màu sắc trong những lần in tái bản cũng ở mức tương đối. >> Tham khảo bài viết: Những lưu ý quan trọng khi in nhanh card visit Lợi ích khi in voucher giảm giá Hầu hết đơn vị kinh doanh bán hàng hiện nay đều ứng dụng voucher giảm giá trong quá trình hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh. Bởi các lợi ích mà ấn phẩm in ấn này mang tới cực kỳ tốt. Voucher giảm giá giúp thu hút khách hàng tiềm năng Tâm lý chung của khách hàng đều bị lôi cuốn bởi các chương trình, ưu đãi, khuyến mãi, giảm giá khuyến mãi. Vì thế việc áp dụng voucher sẽ khiến lôi kéo người mua tìm đến hoặc trở lại shopping. Ví dụ như: Khi người sử dụng mua sản phẩm lần một được tặng voucher giảm giá 10% cho lần mua tiếp diễn, 20% nếu đi cùng bạn bè,… chắc rằng hình thức này sẽ hút khách hàng vô cùng hiệu quả mà giá tiền cực thấp. >> Xem thêm bài viết: Những lưu ý quan trong khi in tem decal dán cho sản phẩm Quảng bá cho thương hiệu kinh doanh Voucher cũng là 1 cách thức để quảng bá thương hiệu doanh nghiệp rất tốt. Chỉ cần in voucher giảm giá đẹp sẽ khiến người dùng để ý & tham khảo về thương hiệu kinh doanh. Gián tiếp đưa thương hiệu doanh nghiệp tiếp cận đến phạm vi quý khách hàng hàng rộng hơn. Tăng doanh thu bán sản phẩm Trên thực tế, nhiều cơ sở vật chất áp dụng voucher đã có sự tăng doanh thu bán sản phẩm lên rõ rệt. Lôi kéo được nhiều khách chắc hẳn số lượng hàng sẽ tăng thêm. Hơn nữa voucher như một cách giữ chân khách hãng cũ, nên doanh nghiệp cũng không cần phải tốn quá nhiều giá bán như việc tìm kiếm người mua mới. Lưu ý khi in voucher giảm giá Quy cách và chất lượng của voucher giảm giá Chọn size kích cỡ đa dạng & phù hợp để có thể cất được vào mini bag (túi xách dạng nhỏ) Chọn chất liệu in voucher giảm giá có độ bền tốt, nhưng không phải nguyên vật liệu quá đắt bởi nó liên quan đến giá bán phân phối Chọn công ty chuyên thiết kế mẫu mã và in voucher có tính thẩm mỹ cao, tư vấn tốt, giá in rẻ Nội dung & hình ảnh khi in voucher giảm giá Giảm tối đa nội dung không cần phải thiết, chỉ chú trọng đến yếu tố khách hàng đang quan tâm đến đó là: Tặng gì, giảm bao nhiêu, quá trình nào, điều kiện là gì.... Lựa chọn hình ảnh minh họa cho điều mình định nói, không nhất thiết phải đưa hình ảnh mẫu sản phẩm của mình lên nữa bởi khách hàng họ đã biết rồi, việc của mình là làm sao để họ nhớ đến chương trình khuyến mại thông qua hình ảnh ý tưởng. Qua bài viết trên, đã giúp bạn đọc tìm hiểu những ưu nhược điểm cũng như những lưu ý khi in voucher giảm giá cho chiến dịch quảng bá của doanh nghiệp mình. Liên hệ ngay với chúng tôi để được tư vấn về ấn phẩm.