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This sounds like the perfect summer drink for a nice long day by the pool. And, it tastes kind of like a boozy watermelon Jolly Rancher, so…wins all around! Here's the recipe, Enjoy!! Ingredients ¼ a medium-sized watermelon, cut into small chunks 1 bottle blush wine 1 cup vodka Directions 1. A day or two before you plan to serve this, throw all your ingredients in a large pitcher. 2. Stir to combine, then stick your pitcher in the fridge to chill until you're ready to serve. 3. To serve, fill glasses with ice or chilled watermelon chunks, and pour sangria over the ice/fruit. 4. Enjoy, immediately!
@galinda do you mean putting the strawberry into this recipe?! hmm i am not sure if the taste will go well together though~
@onesmile i definitely agree with you! the sweetness and kind of refreshing taste from the oranges or in this case watermelon! i could already taste it :) and hey about the alcoholic notes, just because we drink some sangria doesn't make us alcoholic as long as we don't down the whole jug, but that is also a possible situation i guess hahaha
Sounds yummy! I make a lot of different Sangrias!
I love it
I wouldn't mess this up by adding strawberries. Sometimes watermelon needs to be the star. And as @caricakes said, this is perfect for summer. It's always summertime her in Miami, so I can make this on the weekend.
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