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Luis Suarez Strikes (Bites) again!
This is getting ridiculous. Ridiculously funny lol In yet another high profile incident, Luiz Suarez bites Italian Giorgio Chiellini during their World Cup match. And of course, the response to this latest incident has been hilarious. Uruguay McDonalds tweeted: If you are still hungry, you should come take a bite of a Big Mac. When asked about it, Suarez said "I knocked into his (Chiellini) shoulder. They are plays that are common. If you all start to analyze everything, things are going to get complicated." This guy is a walking dead comedy act lol
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I couldn't take it seriously when i first saw it on facebook I mean.. what kind of professional football player bite others?? and LOL I love McDonald's reaction! They totally know how to keep up to date hahaha and also I would totally sign something to let him be the lead cast of walkind dead! hahaha
wait he actually BIT someone?! how is he still allowed to play?? one time should be a huge fine!!
@onesmile well from what i read he supposedly.. like mentioned above 'knocked into' maybe he had his mouth open!?! hahah it's so ridiculous