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Fish name: Piranha Origin location: South America US locations: Various lakes, including Winnebago in Wisconsin, Ozarks in Missouri, St. Clair in Michigan, Tom Bass Park in Houston. Why they're dangerous: Teeth, teeth, teeth! The piranha's teeth are incredibly sharp, and they can bite hard. Should I be concerned?: As a swimmer, no, not necessarily. Piranha's are not likely to bite humans--its actually safe to swim with piranha given that they have other food, or they aren't hungry. As a fisherman, though, they can be dangerous. If you accidentally hook a piranha in one of their US locations, getting it back off your hook can be dangerous because of their teeth. To be honest, it's not a huge concern because they're more likely to nibble your fresh bait away than they are to be hooked. In fact, in South America, many people try to catch piranha and fry and eat them like other fish. The bigger concern when it comes to piranha is that they can eat other fish, which might (long term) hurt the fish population of the areas you are in.
I'll continue to happily believe they dont exist in the us thank you very much
Crap, I forgot piranha's are fresh water fish. Looks like I'm not going into any rivers any time soon!
Are they only found in South America? I have an irrational fear of fish biting me whenever I'm in a lake or river haha
@happyrock true, of course always true. I'm always careful about any fish; they're all dangerous in the right (wrong?) situation
@mcgraffy Better to be aware than unaware, though! @traveller Individual fish have been found (such as in the US) but no schools, so there's nothing to worry about!
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