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妻管严 ( Hen-pecked guy / 'Whipped' )
[qīguǎnyán ] "Controlling wife" Does your Dad always do EVERYTHING your Mum says? Does your boyfriend jump when you say 'jump'? Does your best guy friend always ditch you every time his girlfriend calls? In China, there's a word for this kind of guy : 妻管严. It is used when a male complies with every demand of his girlfriend/wife. Although the direct meaning is 'controlling wife' (so you would be forgiven for thinking it refers to the woman) but it actually refers to the guy - he's the one being controlled! A better English translation would be "hen-pecked" or in more colloquial speech, "whipped"! Example: 男人:Alex说他明天不能来。。得陪他的女朋友去买东西。。。 男人2 :.....他真是妻管严。。。 =Guy 1 :"Alex said he can't come tomorrow...he has to go shopping with his girlfriend" Guy 2 :"..He's totally hen-pecked".
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