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Dieting is often mentally and physically draining, especially when it lasts for more than a few weeks. After your willpower and excitement towards a new diet begins to fade, the cravings become harder to ignore. A cheat day will help you control those cravings and will make your diet more sustainable. On a cheat day you can allow yourself to eat what you want, but this isn’t an opportunity to binge. On the contrary, it is meant to satisfy your cravings so that you don’t binge later in the week! For some people cheating could be having a few squares of chocolate, while others might have a large dinner and small but satisfying dessert. Don’t go completely out of control, but make sure that you are satisfied and ready to dive into the diet for the rest of the week. When the temptations of going out to eat or raiding the fridge late at night becomes too much to handle, you can always remind yourself that you have a designated day for eating what you want. Feel free to shift this day around - just make sure its only once a week. Some people like keeping their break day on a weekend, but if you need to kick start your week you can always choose what ever day works for you! Taking a break from your diet also means taking a break from the entire diet mindset. This mean no looking at scales, counting calories, or worrying about how long you spent at the gym. Relax! Tips for Your Cheat Day Plan ahead: Decide that you’ll have a large pasta or that extra scoop of ice cream you’ve been thinking about all week. Knowing what you’re going to eat ahead of time will keep you from temptations the rest of the day. Don’t Get Comfortable: Just like skipping a day at the gym, it is very easy to slip into bad habits because you introduced your old lifestyle back into your diet. Keep your less healthy habits contained to the one cheat day. Be Honest: If you had trouble sticking to your diet plan all week and gave into your cravings, don’t take a cheat day. A cheat day is meant to be a reward for your dedication. Skip the Guilt Trip: The hardest part of a diet is the guilt felt when you stray from the course. Remember that you have decided to make this day your break day. Enjoy your favorite foods without guilt! You earned it!
@flymetothemoon @BikeSnob Thanks for the advice guys! I have found that aftet eating healthy for a while, I do crave less. Getting back to healthy is the problem :)
@hikaymm Just don't go overboard. I think @BikeSnob has the right idea. You'll also find that the further along you are in a diet the more likely you are to not crave unhealthy foods!
@hikaymm Well, it depends on the person really. I'm a firm believer of the anything diet. Eat whatever you want, but don't let calorie input exceed calorie output.
@flymetothemoon yep!! you have to kind of build up to it; and enjoy it!
@Nisfit @onesmile @ameliasantos10 I still say that some food is good for the soul! I believe diets should be about lifestyle change so you shouldn't force yourself into an eating style that you cant handle!
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