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Clark Little started shooting the waves around his home in Hawaii with a point and shoot camera encased in a water proof guard that he bought off online. In no time he became one of the best photographers of his kind mostly because he takes crazy risks to get the perfect shot. This video shows you just how far he will go to catch the perfect wave.
@nokcha I once had a friend tell me, "never let fear overcome stoke." Basically, don't let your fear of what could happen diminish what could be an incredible experience. You can get hurt doing a number of things, but I'd rather die having a blast than die in fear! Btw, I love this guys photographs. I remember seeing them around awhile back
I've always wanted to try surfing, but what he described at the end of the video is exactly what I'm too scared of! Getting trapped under wave after wave must be terrifying!
He clearly loves what he's doing!
I've always wondered how people captured photos like these, thanks for the share!
@Nisfit @nokcha Yeah he's definitely okay with taking risks! I love that he started off just doing this as a little hobby and then discovered how talented he is!