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Lower back pain is one of the worst pains to go through because there is no way to get comfortable. Laying down, standing up, sitting on the couch, there's no relief! This easy move will massage the pain out of your lower back, and all you need is a tennis ball! "Lie on the floor and prop yourself up on your elbows. Then lift your bottom to make room to place two therapy balls on the grooves on either side of your lower spine, preferably on your skin so the balls have more grip. With your weight resting into the balls, use your arms and push into your heels to roll them up no farther than the bottom of your ribcage and back down. If this propped position is painful on your neck and shoulders, you can rest your head and upper body on the floor and move the balls from side to side on your lower back, rather than vertically."
This would be so much cheaper than those massage things you can buy at the store, love it!
Now I just have to make sure my dog doesn't steal my back massaging tennis ball haha
I find myself cracking my back more and more lately, hopefully this little trick will help me knock that habit