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Tilt shift photography tends to make things look minature. It is a very popular form of photographing cityscapes and is quite good looking. So here is the tutorial: 1. Open image in photoshop 2. Select Layer Mask (image 3) 3. Select gradient (image 4) and be sure to choose a reflective gradient. You will find the gradient options near the top of the application on the left side. Scroll over to see names of options. 4. Drag a point in the picture you want to make leave sharp. This should be near the middle of the image, not the top or bottom. (image 5) 5. Now exit quick mask mode and you should have a selection. (image 6) 6. You'll want to feather the edges of the selection. (image 7) 7. Now it's time to put a lens blur on the image. (image 8) 8. You should have a decent looking tilt shift effect after you apply the lens blur to the selection and have chosen options you want within the lens blur dialog. 9. Now it's time to add an adjustment layer of saturation just to add that small kick to make the image look really miniaturist. (image 9) 10. After selecting hue/saturation and raising the saturation slider, you should have an image that looks tilt shifted. (image 10) Enjoy! @cheerfulcallie I seem to remember I told you I would make this tilt shift tutorial. I hope you enjoy!
@dillonk im still struggling thru my other stuff and you make this tutorial?! hahaha!!! nah, its awesome but OMG why does it sound sooo complicated?!?! see why, i usually just use apps thats comes with it? ...wow, either way as always thanks for sharing....ill attempt this one day and show you my skill?!?! (*_^)
@cheerfulcallie No pressure, I just enjoyed making it. :) @onesmile Yay! Glad I got you to see it @hikaymm It all depends on the perspective of the shot, if it's close up it won't work. Even if it's at eye level it won't work. You kind of have to go through a process of trial and error until you find one that works
@dillonk let me get my photoshop situation sorted and then ill give it a go!
@hikaymm You should try! Maybe publish a card about it :3
@dillonk I see! I figured as much, but I wasnt sure if anything similar exists for other perspectives.
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