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I nearly had heart failure when I checked the price for this book – £60?! When I bought my copy two years ago (from Amazon), I paid £40… While I wouldn’t advocate paying £60 for it, this book is definitely an investment. I bought this book prior to starting my Korean studies at university and it has become my bible. Everything you need to know is in this book (well, nearly). The explanations are clear, the examples are useful and it helps that the author is one of my professors – any queries and I drop him an email! This isn’t official TOPIK material but it is the most “comprehensive” comprehensive grammar I’ve found (there are many which honestly don’t deserve the title) and if you’re serious about your Korean studies, it’s an investment worth making. I've given it 4 stars - I would give it 5 stars but £60 is too much - especially for students and especially just for support material.
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the grammar book looks really good but £60 is so expensive! Are there any less expensive alternatives that you could suggest? Thanks!