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I already introduced the Jig rig ( but I know that @happyrock and @fallingwater still had some questions, and I came across this video which shows a bit more how the weight is helpful, and not in the way. As you can see, this guy explains the jig as a way to really imitate a crawdad, which can be one really specific way of using it. In this case you can just pull it threw the shallows where the bass are, and try to imitate the movement of the crawdad. Try finding some shallow, clear water to practice your movement in like this guy. And as a reminder, all you need is: crawdad plastic, split ring and drop shot weight! Rig em up like this man, and you're sure to have tight lines today.
@happyrock good! I hoped it would. the video is pretty simple but so is this rig haha
this explanation cleared up my weight questions haha thanks