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Tubes: Pros: Easiest to maintain and install; cheap; huge range of widely available equipment options; consistent and reliable Cons: Prone to pinch flats and punctures; doesn't allow for very low operating pressures; can negatively affect ride quality depending on tube choice and/or installation process When I use it: Most road riding Tubeless: Pros: Allows for very low operating pressures with proper setup; possibility for self-repair; potentially very low rolling resistance and weight Cons: Can be messy; inconsistent fit and reliability; more expensive than tube-type tires; can sometimes require an air compressor for installation When I use it: All MTB, most CX, some road Tubular: Pros: Lightest possible wheel-and-tyre combination; allows for extremely low operating pressures; nearly impossible to pinch flat; tyres are generally higher quality with more supple casings, improved grip, better ride quality; safer when flat Cons: Time- and labor-intensive installation; expensive; can't quickly swap treads/tyres; difficult to repair if punctured When I use it: Muddy cyclocross races only
@TeamWaffles Hmm, I've heard a little bit about it but I don't think the tech is there yet. I would stick with tubes for now
Tubes for me, although I've heard some talk about tubeless road tires. Know anything about them? @BikeSnob