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So you've drunk the beer and been to the square - what to do next? St Michael's Cathedral was built by German missionaries in 1934. It suffered major damage during the Cultural Revolution when it was left abandoned (not entirely surprising considering how ruthlessly priests and their followers were persecuted at that time) but later, after years of restoration, it was reopened to the public in 1981. In 1992, it was listed as a Provincial Historial Building, thus protected by local law. In addition to the fascinating history behind the building, it also served as a great background for our silly group photos! ^^ As you can see, the weather was pretty gloomy that day but that didn't stop us having a wonderful time~ *That's me - back when I was blonde!
@traveller They are - especially in the capital and major cities but religious groups and organisations do exist / operate in China. Did you see the recent news about the fasting restrictions on the Muslims in Xinjiang?
I would never have placed this in China! It looks straight out of Germany (which I guess makes sense based on your explanation) Thanks for sharing!
@funkystar25 I hadn't seen anything...what happened?
really not what I'd expect to see in China. I thought the Chinese were very anti-organised religion?