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The Guisachan Gathering occurs in Scotland. You might ask what that is; it's a gathering of Golden Retrievers, inteneded to connect owners and also to continue the preservation and strength of the breed. In 2013, 222 dogs attended, which beat GRCS' record of 188 dogs in 2006. While it has only been held 2 times, it seems that this is a tradition that will continue again in the future. There's a dog show, dinner, free time, and doggie games for owners and dogs to participate in together! While I'm not sure this is the trip for anyone, who can deny that it's completely adorable? If you have a pure breed dog, why not take a super special trip to this festival and join in? The weeklong celebration takes place at the birthplace of the Golden Retriever: Guisachan Estate, Tomich, Invernesshire, Scotland. The next festival hasn't been announced, but I have to say: it looks like a fun place to be!
@nokcha me either and I want to go! I'd be lying if I said I didnt look for beagle gatherings for my puppy....
so cute :*
@funkystar25 it's a really unique gathering, that's for sure!
I don't even have a dog but I want to go~ that's so cute!
Omg I need to go to this... I dont even have a golden retriever hahah