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I'm having one of these today -_-;;; I stayed up late reading, and now I can't get out of the funk my book left me in! What do you do to get over your book hangovers?
@sophiamor you read my mind haha harry potter created such an intense world in my mind that I never wanted to leave!
I had that happen to me a lot as a kid reading harry potter. there just werent any other books like them so I was never satisfied reading another book!
the thing is that i don't get over it .. :( I just keep reading it until i know what's going to happen in the next page and that is probably the only time that i will be able to put down the book for a while! @timeturnerjones what about you? what's your cure?
Once I read a book about the moon coming too close to the earth and I was in a panic for DAYS