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sooo enjoy parties and kids will love it!!! here recipe for eggs cream 3 yolk egg 2 big spoons mayo salt and black pepper mix them and put it in boiled egg after u cut in half !!!(take out the yolk and use it for cream ) if u want more then double the recipe but this is enough for 5 eggs means 10 halfs .....
Could you maybe show us how to make these? Include the steps in the card? I'm curious!!
boiled egg and carrots cut them round after cut in half and make it like in card there are tomatoes cherry and cucumbers if u want put mayo inside eggs
@MasriDaniela Could you share that info in the card?
this is adorable!! I would love to make some for my nephews!! and I totally agree with @nokcha you should totally make a tutorial in your next dish!! @masridaniela :)