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This summer gold is shining bright, glimmering down the runway from every top designer. Although we love seeing the famous runway trends debut during Fashion Week, none of us like looking at the price tag that follows. Our priority in the fashion world is to be as glamorous as the runway models and celebrities gracing the red carpet. However, in the real world, one of this summer's stunning warrior gold arm bracelets may cost more than the arm and a leg we wear them on. With that said, let us look at some cost-effective alternatives to dressing like the stars. Nordstrom Accessories Summer 2014 We love Nordstrom! When you want to spend less than $100 on accessories without taking away from quality, Nordstrom's accessories give one of the best values on price. Here are some sweet little secrets hiding at Nordstorm: Givenchy - Square Crystal Hinge Bangle - $68.00 kate spade new york - One in a Million' Initial Charm Bracelet - $58.00 Tory Burch - Logo Leather Bracelet - $83.75 MICHAEL by Michael Kors - Astor Buckle Bangle - $95.00 Givenchy - Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelets $48.00 Tory Burch - Large Gold Logo Stud Earrings $68.00 Tory Burch - Logo Hexagon Stud Earrings - Gold $58.00 Creating the Look: How to Accessorize for Summer 2014 If we take a peek into the trends, we see large dangles, rectangular bracelets, and cross-shaped necklaces/pendants. The themes are primarily gold and black. There are not many prints on the outfits, so we can assume that the designers are seeking bold fashion statements.So what do we get when we dress to impress this summer? How about a little tips on how to dress up these sizzling accessories! Every girl has the LBD, and what better than gold studs to make your little black dress look sophisticated yet fun. Summer dresses are always in style, why not try a mesh black summer dress with some Tory Burch gold studs! Tending on the runway we saw orange dresses as well. To this we can add the Givenchy Glass Pearl Bracelets. To complete the look put on the Square Crystal Hinge Bangle by Givenchy. The stunning bracelet is gold with crystals gracefully placed along the middle. Regardless how we dress these summer trends, we love to have fun during the process. That is what being a fashionista is all about!
@galinda i think for me the colour of gold accessories just stand out too much for me hahaha maybe just some weird preferences but i have to say that silver and turquoise is probably my favourite combination too!
@lillyann I think I just tired myself out with silver when I was younger. I love silver when it is paired with turquoise, but gold for nearly everything else!
@galinda i don’t know for me personally i have always been tilted toward silver than gold! but after looking at this gold isn’t so bad after all!~
This is great news, I'm much more of a gold person than silver!
from looking at all this year’s summer collection i guess you are right this year is probably more like simple with a touch of accessory! and oh gosh the gold bracelet in the second picture is just adorable! :)