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Justin Bieber and posse were involved in a car accident Tuesday afternoon after an aggressive paparazzi member attempted to follow the Escalade Bieber was traveling in. At approximately 2PM in Beverly Hills California, eye witnesses say Bieber's Escalade traveling at a high speed trying to loose a photographer. A BMW suv attempted to pull out of a restaurant parking lot and struck the side of Bieber's vehicle. Sources say that Bieber immediately got out of the Escalade, into another car, and sped off. Law enforcement confirmed that no one was injured.
@ameliasantos10 whether or not you're at fault, if its your car that is involved or witnesses the accudent you should stay!
@pipeline i love how the emphasis is on the Escalade and well 10 points for Beiber who leaves everything for his manager to deal with lol @onesmile i think in this case it's kind of questionable whether they could be held at fault where the paparazzi were the one chasing them so i guess it's kind of a situation where both should be responsible? Paparazzis and Beiber?
As much as it sucks that they have to deal with paparazzi, it's no excuse to be putting others in danger. There are other ways to circumvent paparazzi's effects!!
"Bieber immediately got out of the Escalade, into another car, and sped off." lol Glad no one was hurt