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What is EV Fast Charging?

EV fast charging is the fastest way to charge an EV. It can take as little as 15 minutes to get a whole charge.

To charge their electric vehicle, drivers can plug their cars into a variety of chargers. There are three types of chargers: AC, DC, and Level 2/constant amperage. The majority of EV chargers at homes, malls, and workplaces are AC outlets because these allow the onboard charger to accept an AC conversion and enter the battery efficiently. The time for a full charge ranges from four hours to over twelve hours depending on your brand; this is due to reasons like cost, space limitations on onboard charging equipment, and weight limits in order not to make EVs too heavy.

DC fast chargers can charge an EV much faster than a conventional charger. This is because DC charging stations (ex. Supercharger) convert AC power to DC and then delivers those direct currents to the vehicle's battery, which enables it to juice up at a higher amperage rate.

DC power charges the battery more quickly. This is called fast or rapid charging. Fast charging is faster than AC power. Compare them and see which one you want to use to charge the battery.

When and How to Use DC Fast Charging?

* When there is not enough time to charge with AC charging, use DC fast charging.

* Use electric vehicles like electric buses and electric taxis as much as possible in the areas near electric vehicle fast-charging stations for the convenience of users.

* You can fill up electric vehicles with just 20 minutes of fast charging by using ultra-fast chargers compared to 6 hours from slower chargers.

How do I find out the wait time my EV needs to fully charge?

An electric car fast charger is installed within an electric taxi depot, and electric taxis can be recharged while picking up passengers. This helps minimize the electric taxis' waiting time to pick up passengers and ensures the electric taxi will always have plenty of charges to run for drivers without worrying about running out of power during rush hour traffic.

The electric vehicle battery can be filled in 20 minutes or less by fast charging. Fast chargers are installed at electric car service areas, and along major roads with electric taxis running on them. So electric cars can be charged without waiting for long periods even though you drive a long distance.

What is the tool to find out how long it will take for EV to fully charge?

The Calculator from EVadept.com calculates the time needed to charge an electric vehicle and alerts you when charging is complete.

A recent electric car charge calculator can keep you entertained while your car charges. This might be helpful if you use a public charger and need to leave in a hurry. When charging from home, the app will help calculate when to depart in time for an upcoming meeting so there's no delay and confusion at either place.

3 types of EV connectors for fast charging

Type 1 (J1772)
Most electric vehicles built from 2011 onwards, e.g. Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, BMW i3 (fast charge capable), Tesla Model S/X/Roadster

Key benefits: standardized electric vehicle fast-charging connector; voltage is limited to 24 kW over Type 1 due to safety and fire concerns which means that it can operate at rates of up to 22 kJ per minute or 62 miles of range per minute. The limitation also ensures that the current does not exceed 12 A for the connector so adapters are possible.

Key issues: cost has been a barrier for electric vehicle manufacturers who have traditionally lacked economies of scale; currently available only in an industry-standard type 2 connector (see below).

Type 2 (CCS1)
Electric vehicle industry-standard connector; voltage is limited to 50 kW over Type 2 which allows for rates of up to 36 kJ per minute or 132 miles of range per minute. The limitation also ensures that the current does not exceed 13.3 A for the connector so adapters are possible.

Key benefits: 25% more power than type 1, provides compatibility between electric vehicles built by different manufacturers and enhances electric car driving experience. Key issues: a second cost barrier for electric vehicle manufacturers who have traditionally lacked economies of scale. Requires electric car modification to fast charge from public chargers using CCS fast charging plug as well as the DC charger itself (adapters can be purchased separately, but electric car manufacturers are not generally keen to support type 2 outside of their network).

Type 3 (Tesla)
Currently only used in electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla. Tesla uses DC fast charging at rates up to 120 A, which is double that of standard AC charging and also allows for more power (up to 500 kW).

Key benefits: fastest electric car charging rate although with the higher current comes additional safety concerns due to heating issues; electric vehicle charges from 0-95% in 20 minutes; most powerful DC connector available on electric cars today. Key issues: incompatible with non-Tesla electric cars; due to its high charge rate, can only be used for DC fast charging as it cannot be plugged into standard AC outlets.

All in all, DC Fast Charging is a new technology. It provides DC power directly to the battery, which is different from onboard chargers and conversions. The charging speed is based on how much power it is available in the charger. This has the potential to greatly increase charge times because it's almost instantaneous.

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