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Using his great sense of perspective, Aakash Nihalani creates the illusion of neon bars going through the torsos of his models in Brooklyn, New York. The neon bars are actually made of black tape, paper, and magnets and are placed on the models in such a way that they seem to pierce their upper bodies completely.
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Gah! This is a fun idea. Cool card @caricakes
4 years ago·Reply
Interesting project, although I wished they changed it up a bit more. Cool nonetheless!
4 years ago·Reply
Number 7 is the only one I can tell it is not photoshop, impressive!
4 years ago·Reply
Pretty neat! I always have loved these optical illusion style photographs @caricakes
4 years ago·Reply
Interesting work, reminds me of some of my earlier work where I tried to trick people into think I had digitally manipulated a photograph without actually manipulating
4 years ago·Reply