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It would seem Giro’s new Synthe semi-aero helmet is a master of none, landing itself right in the middle of the pack between Giro's fully vented helmet and their full aero helmet. However, if you ask Giro they would probably tell you this helmet out performs its otherhelmets. The Synthe seems to be finding itself conflicting attributes. Giro claims the helmet is low weight, aerodynamic, vented, safe, and good looking. Giro already has an aero road helmet, the Air Attack, with minimal venting for minimal drag. It already has a traditional, light, heavily ventilated helmet, the Aeon. The Synthe sits right in the middle, but Giro claims it actually surpasses the two specialists in a few key areas. The 250-gram Synthe is 16 percent faster and 2 percent cooler than the Aeon, and 13 percent lighter than the Air Attack, Giro claims. Most impressively, Giro claims it’s even faster than the Air Attack at the head angles most frequently used by road riders. The Synthe exists in the same space as Specialized’s Evade and the Smith Overtake — light enough, cool enough, with an eye towards aerodynamics, as everything seems to have these days. It is supposed to be a quiver killer, a single helmet that can do it all. But did Giro hit the mark?
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Well, I found my next helmet! Looks awesome