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It's one of those places that you know roughly where it is...but could probably never actually pin it on a map. Macau is located 65km west of Hong Kong and shares a border with Guangdong Province in the north. The former Portugese colony is now a Special Administrative Region of China which means that under the policy of "one country, two systems" the PRC Central People's government is responsible for the territory's foreign affairs and defence while Macau maintains its own currency, legal system, customs and immigration policy and police force. Regarded as the "Vegas of the East", Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal. Annual revenues from gambling exceeded $45 billion in 2013! There is, however, another side to the city. Casinos aside, Macau has a number of beautiful fortresses, squares and churches that were built under the Portuguese - not to mention the effect the Portuguese had on local cuisine. If you're a fan of egg tarts, you've come to the right place!
@zhengshi I went to Macau with one of my Chinese friends and her family. It depends - I think it is quite expensive to live there or stay there but I was only there for the day so it wasn't too bad. The food seemed pretty reasonably priced and public transport was about Hong Kong prices if I remember correctly.
How come you went to Macau? I heard it's quite expensive - is that true?
@zhengshi it seems to be enough - unless you're sticking around for the gambling
@funkystar25 how come you only went for a day? is that enough?