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Brian Mengini's Ballet Photography Projects
Brian Mengini took it upon himself to crowdsoure funds to do a photography project in London where he photographed ballerinas in real environments. He worked with ballerinas from major companies, and also was about to see some performances from the Royal Ballet. I loved seeing his images, and am really excited to hear that he is working on another project! This time, Brian is funding to spend the summer in various cities in Italy doing a similar set of works. He will be going to major cities, and is working to find more company dancers that might be spending time in the summer in Italy so that he has more people to work with. The project will be called "Il Tragitto," or, "The Path" and Brian hopes to combine the beauty of the county alongside the beauty of ballet. He'll be mixing contemporary and classic style shots once again, so I'm really excited to see how they turn out! To find out more about helping fund his works, click through to the blog!
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Lovely photographs, I really enjoyed some of the older ones. Thanks for sharing! @kimber
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@dillonk no problem :)
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