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While I've never tried saltwater fishing, a friend of mine shared this video and said they wanna try tarpon fishing?! I think they're insane!!! This huge fish is a really popular saltwater game because it leaps and puts up an amazing site. Seems like they always let them go,though! I don't think I would ever try going after this fish....chances are I'd just drop my pole if I even caught one! @mcgraffy do you wanna try this kind of fight? Seems like it might fight more than a bass!
Its got such crazy jumping ability! are they easy to track and fish for?
@fallingwater well...they do indeed seem to put up a bigger fight than bass, haha, but only sometimes!! it might be fun to go out once though.
@happyrock @mcgraffy based on what I read there are a lot of tour tripa thst target them!
@fallingwater This is kind of scary!!!
@hikaymm I agree!!! But I"m sure if you know what you're doing, its safe :)