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"The Fahey/Klein Gallery will be presenting the first exhibition from photographer Tom Bianchi’s newly released publication, Fire Island Pines: Polaroids 1975-1983 (Damiani, 2013). Bianchi’s Polaroid images document the people, parties, and shared moments that defined Fire Island summers during those years, providing an intimate look at the Pines, a small close-knit gay beach community fifty-seven miles from New York City. The beautiful austere barrier island became a haven for the emerging gay community. As Tom Bianchi describes, it was “built by those people who imagined a different world and set out to create it. We carved out the tiniest little place just for ourselves, where we could be safe and laugh and play with one another on the beach, and not have any negative judgment surrounding us.”
@dillonk hahahaha I'll forgive you this time~~
@fallingwater I don't even know. Maybe I had too much wine...hahahaha XD
Thanks goodness! Be prepared to give some more forgiving! Lol
@dillonk who you talking to there kevin? haha XD You're right though, it's really unfortunately they have to escape negative judgement in this way.
@Cool polaroids, sad that these people felt so outcasted from society that they had to find seclusion to escape negative judgement.
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