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With a population of over 21 million, Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world. Located in the north of China, Beijing is surrounded by Hebei province (with the exception of neighbouring Tianjin municipality to the south-east). One of the six ancient cities of China, Beijing is the heart and soul of the country; the centre of politics and society. A city's history is the history of a country. As the imperial capital city of several generations and today's capital of China, Beijing is an archaic city with over 3,000 years' of history but simultaneously has become a cosmopolitan city that is home to numerous foreign countries looking to do business in China.....I could go on! All in all, a trip to Beijing makes for a fantastic, eye-opening, enriching experience! I had already been to China twice before I first travelled to Beijing. I spent my year abroad in Beijing studying Chinese at university in 2012 and had a truly amazing time - I didn't want to go home! I still travel back to Beijing fairly regularly to see my friends and practice my Chinese. Here I'll be sharing with you some of the things I did with my family when they visited in July 2013~
I've been to Beijing a few times now - I'll be looking forwards to seeing the rest of this collection~
@Traveller stay tuned!