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Has anyone else ever seen a problem with the rules that Dumbledore sets down throughout the novels? One minute he is encouraging people to stay out of the forest, the next he's sending them off to the forest! Dumbledore, we know you mean well, but you're confusing us.
@timeturnerjones maybe that's his technique of keeping students under control? it's like okay the forest it's a dark scary place and if you decide to get yourself into a detention then that is where you are going! or it could just be he like the thrill of wondering maybe one of his student will be attacked by mysterious magical beings!~ haahhaah
@caricakes I'm pretty sure @ameliasantos10 is right, it was Dumbledore!
@caricakes i think it was dumbledore lol he told them to go meet hagrid and then i guess it carried out from there! and yes just imagine if Hagrid wasn't there .. the series would have ended so much earlier lol
Wasn't it Filch that made them go to the forest? Thank goodness for Hagrid hahaha