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Common name: Pink salmon, humpback salmon. Non-native. ID: 2 dorsal fins; 1 adipose fin. Dark colored gums and mouth. Oval black spots across back and tail. Mostly silver in lakes, though. 13-17 ray anal fin. Life cycle: Begin spawning in summer in Great Lakes regions. Nest in gravel. Females guard until they die. Eggs hatch in January or February. Stay in the gravel until match enough to journey downstream in large group. Reach adulthood after about 18 months. Average life cycle is 2 years. Feeds on: Other fish, aquatic animals. Predators: While young, trout, coho salmon, smelt and other predacious fish as well as mammals may eat them. Not a huge game sport in the Great Lakes, but are occasionally caught while ascending streams. For those that want to see the different types of salmon, I've included an image showing the differences above.
@happyrock yep, there are quite a few species that have this kind of adaptation
@mcgraffy is that pretty common among spawning males?
@happyrock the male pink salmon develop it during spawning
What is that big thing on the back in image 1??