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Next up is the storm wildeye swimbait! This bait is such a class shape and color, but has really great built in action. With the right color and shape, you'll barely have to try to get the fish biting. All you have to do is let it sink to the desired depth depending on weather conditions, and begin the retrieve. Boom, you'll get some bass! The heavy sinking isn't always ideal, so make sure to reel quickly if you want to keep it moving. It's weight and slim profile will keep it at whatever depth you allow it to sink to. The body is durable, but made of plastic so it'll stand up to a lot of bites. And, its only $7 compared to more expensive swimbait so you can cast it even in some potentially tangled situations. For largemouth, the 3 inch blue-gill color (image 1) is a great start. For a video showing its action underwater, check out image 2.
@happyrock I think he was in a pool, yeah hah. The color is gonna depend on the color of the water, sky color, weather, etc.!
@mcgraffy was he testing this out in a pool? Hah I've never seen that before. Anyways, seems like a pretty good lure--I like the color used in the video though I'm not sure what conditions it suits.