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I'm gonna try to intro another lure that can be used for any fish in the right size and color. They can work for stripers, trout, largemouths and more--but largemouth bass are usually my target. To use this kind of lure, cast out and crank this baby in through open water, or maybe through clear water near areas with a lotta vegetation. That's pretty much all it takes to get the fish coming after your lure, especially if you're after largemouth and they're hungry. This size is the mid-size of a whole line: there's also mini traps and magnum and super traps, but I found that this Rat-L-Trap is the best size for various use. These also work really well for coldwater bass techniques--put this buddy on the bottom and get ready for bites, especially in areas where the fish are suspended and moving slow.
@mcgraffy @happyrock yippee~~! I think I'll finally be able to put together a good tackle box ^^
@fallingwater @happyrock surely, hah. It is a kind of crankbait
@happyrock huh? What are you talking about XD They are crankbaits? @mcgraffy can you help us out?
@fallingwater pretty much!
These are crankbaits, right? I think a lure term has finally stuck XD
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