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Naengmyeong, which translated literally as 'cold noodles' are buckwheat noodles served in a tangy, icy broth with a few slices of beef, sliced cucumber and pear and half a boiled egg. When you receive the noodles, you'll also be given two bottles; one of vinegar and one of mustard sauce which you mix in according to personal taste. These noodles are probably the biggest contribution the North has made to the South Korean diet. In fact, many naengmyeon restaurants have "PyongYang", the capital of North Korea, in their name; most of which have been founded by defectors and refugees from North Korean. They're very chewy so when the server gives you the chance to cut the noodles with scissors before starting to eat, you'd be wise to accept! Suggested Restaurants: 101-7 Ojangdong, Junggu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 오장동 101-7) +82 2 2272 7117
@traveller well i live here :) so i guess you could say i eat naengmyun pretty often! you know it actually taste really good in the winter too!~ if you get a chance you should try it in the winter~
@ameliasantos10 maybe I've just been going to the wrong restaurant? seems like I'll have to try it some more! Have you travelled to Korea a lot?
@traveller i used to like the spicy one but then after a while it just got to spicy haahh so i ended up ordering the original one and well adding the mustard on! it's pretty good like that too:) but seriously the best naengmyun has to be served with meat!! :D
i think this was the dish that took me the longest time to get used to! because well the ice! hahaha i was pretty much freaking out a little bit with all those ice but then now i just can't get enough! :) what's your favourite? the original? or the spicy one? @traveller
This is my favourite dish!!! I probably ate it every other day when I was staying in Korea
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