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woah ! This is getting interesting.....
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@oj1992 ...ahhh, i see.... thanks for sharing the video, it explains the design concept but i still think its hard to tell the time, i can estimate what time it is once the red ball pass a number but as it moves towards the middle that becomes harder b/c the distance between each number has become smaller, rather its now 10:25 or 10:28 is difficult to say.....hmm, cool clock design but overall i rather stick with regular clocks instead....
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@cheerfulcallie agree plus it's so damn expensive ! : )
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@oj1992 thanks 4 the video! Definitely subsides my curiosity. @missionminded8 Allthough agreed when I saw your explanation still couldn't grasp concept til I saw it on video! Even tho 12 looks like another hole still looked like a white ball was within, lol ~ So it's a clock & artwork, 350 pounds too steep, agreed! : )
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